where can I fly from to get to Guerrero Negro?

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by barracuda Killer, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. barracuda Killer

    TJ airport does not have flights I can find.
  2. pascuale

    Nobody flies to Guerrero Negro except privates and these guys.

  3. brian_g

    Bush pilots = VERY EXPENSIVE

    The drive to G.N. is really not to bad. If that's the motivation behind getting a flight, I would suggest to just suck up the 9-10 hour drive and consider it an adventure. You will pass through some of the most beautiful landscape to be found anywhere.

    And, if you end up going south of G.N. you will get to experience the funny insecticide spraying guy that chagres you four bucks to spray the wheels of your car with some chemical while he wears a tube sock tied around his face as a respirator LOL

    Take the drive... Take lots of pictures.
  4. I've been a private pilot flying to baja for 20 years. I have never heard of a commercial flight to Guerrero Negro. The baja bush pilot forum would be the place to ask. Also these guys - Screaming Airlines (no joke) - might do it. Screaming Airlines Guided Baja Travel Adventures FlyBaja.com Mulege, Mulege BCS - I know very little about them - though I really don't think you could charter a small private plane (4 seats) for under $1000 (US) It's probably about 3-4 hrs in small plane from San Diego.

  5. Baja Bush Pilots is a club not a business. They do not offer commercial flights.
  6. aguachico


    Just catch the bus from TJ. PM if you need help with it. It's easy, cheap and you can have a few drinks on the way down. Anyway most pilots will charge you double!!!
  7. Bud B

    Just took the bus to La Paz. The buses are very comfortable, with heads and movies....but you cannot drink on the bus!!! So I flew home.
  8. brian_g

    Sorry, I should have been more clear:

    Private charter flights to Baja are very expensive. Didn't mean to mis-represent...

    ABC bus is another interesting alternative although I have never tried it.

    Good luck!

    I still say take the drive
  9. The Notorious S.U.A

    there is a flight from guerro negro to cedros island every day at 10AM, we're trying to get to guerro negro without leaving a car there for 4 days.
  10. Babu

    Just a thought. But why not fly to Cedros? I know there are surf charters that go to Natividad.
  11. The Notorious S.U.A

    no flights that i know of, and my flying club wont let any of the planes into mexico.
  12. donalley

  13. Babu

  14. Mo Betta

    My F350 is fueled and ready for take off.........
  15. barracuda Killer

    you bring that cute stewardess with ya? the one with the lab coat?:imdumb:
  16. Mo Betta

    LOL I think she has had enough Baja for the year.
  17. barracuda Killer

    so you nick-name it Baja huh? I call mine Sabu (the incredible heat seeking moisture missle):imdumb:
  18. Mo Betta

    Well it is long and bumpy:imdumb:
  19. bullyo

    Im not sure if it is still offered, but a friend (american civilian) hopped on a Military flight from Ensenada to Cedros about 10 years ago. The plane supplies the island, so bringing back coolers full of fish wasn't a problem.
  20. barracuda Killer

    thought you were gonna say brown and dirty:hali_ruahahaha: