When To Troll 50 vs 80 In Cabo?

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Pescador Paul, May 30, 2011.

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  1. Pescador Paul

    I am addressing this question to the experienced CSL captains that frequent this board. I like to troll 50 pound tackle for striped marlin, and 80 pound for blue marlin.

    When do you decide to break out the 80 pound? Do you wait until there have been decent reports of blues being caught, or do you switch over during certain months, etc?


  2. la vida

    Thats an easy one Paul.
    Just watch me and do the opposite.
    I'm gifted that way.:hali_olutta:
  3. Rubberhook2

    I made the mistake of trolling an 8lb yellowfin on the outer Gordo on 50lb gear once....in a panga no less. What was I thinking...
  4. el capo

    #50 test out classes a striped marlin so using #80 is no different but it offers security when you hook a big marlin or a tuna. Stick with the #80 in that area.
  5. sdfishkiller

    No CSL captain here, but I troll 80 and just try to live bait the stripers on 40-50.

    Never know when you are gunna hook that 190# Wahoo!

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  6. zanegler


    I think it is important to mention that if your reels are spooled with 4/5th's braided line and a healthy top shot of mono, that they carry far more line than if they are all mono.

    My 50-wide carries 130# braid and a 100# Suffix top-shot and fished like an 80-wide.

    My 80 with the same 130# braid and 100# mono carries a ridiculous amount of line and fishes like a 130.

    If there is even a remote chance of a Blue marlin or huge cow tuna, I always put the big guns out when trolling. You can always fish something lighter on the drop-back, or if on a tuna bait-stop.

    I honestly believe there are more grander Blue marlin that frequent the Cabo and East Cape area than the record-books would indicate, but most of these hook-ups are on charters with Penn 6/0's, sticky drags, and three year-old 60lb test. Fine for Striped marlin, most tuna, and even the smaller Blue's, but woefully inadequate for a grander Blue marlin.
  7. bays90

    I fish all over the place and I would and have for my boat only 50 tiagras for cabo I have 80 tiagras for my boat in Kona it's not the line factor anymore as stated i fish 80lb hollow core spectra with 60 lb on my 50's and 130 hollow core spectra and 100 mono on my 80's the difference is the drag that you can put on them with the perspective reel. you get 36 i believe the book says for an 80 tiagra and 28 for a 50, there are not that many big marlin like in Kona where 80 and 130 are a must my suggestion would be get the Avet 50's where you can put on hollow core spectra and get up to 100lbs of drag to get a big fish in if you need to but your only going to need that drag if you have to plane up a dead 700lber
  8. el capo

    Paul, we are talking line size and not reel size are we not?
  9. Bud B

    Lassley says go 10ton braid to 5ton cable if dragging a Happy Ending Bush Pig. Says you'll need it.

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  10. FAT CAT

    For the spring and early summer striper fishing 50 is plenty. In fact, 30 is plenty. However when the water starts warming and the girls in the blue dresses start showing and/or there are cow tuna around you'd best have some heavier tackle. Generally speaking once the water is firmly in the 80 degree range is when I start using 80 pound. I normally continue with 50 pound outfits on the riggers and 80's for the corners, as that's where the big girls usually dine. If I'm only interested in blue and black marlin (tournaments) then I use only the heavy tackle.
  11. el capo

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Steve would not say that even if it were true.
  12. marlinmike

    oh yes he would
  13. Bud B

    His tournament days are over. He's talking now.

    You need us to come up and run a couple of them sows on their beds over at Casitas. If we put the dart in the mouth it's a fair catch ain't it?
  14. karlk1125

    holy shit that wahoo is massive!!!!!

  16. bendorbreak

    Is that a real wahoo or a stunt wahoo? That thing is massive. How long to catch that beauty?
  17. slydawg

    No downside to TROLLING 80 vs. 50 when fattys are around. Why gamble?
  18. tclongbeach

    Just my experience here.

    I landed 2 blues last September, on 135/400 and 135/200. I lost 2 on 135/150 and 135/135. They broke a leader and a double leader. So I think 80 is a little light for a blue. The larger blue almost spooled me and I was running and gunning with #30 drag on an avet 30 wide. Im fishing live bait #8yft or #10 skippies. I think the key here is the leader. Go #250+ on the leader and #80 backing may work.

    The stripes are relatively tame as compared to the blues, so 50 or 80 is fine w/ an #80 or #100 leader.

    All IMHO

    good luck!