What type of line do you pull your lures with?

Discussion in 'Strictly Billfish' started by Capt. G, Oct 4, 2010.


Preference of line type for trolling for billfish?

  1. Mono

    87 vote(s)
  2. Spectra/Braid/PE

    35 vote(s)
  3. Fluoro

    10 vote(s)
  4. Other

    6 vote(s)

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  1. Capt. G

    Spectra/braid? Mono? Fluoro? Other?
  2. ConSeaMate

    Mono.....I don't know any better................
  3. gecsr1

    Oh Boy........................:rofl:
  4. kawakawa

    20 or 30lb IGFA-rated "fat" Dacron for Tuna Club events.

    16lb IGFA-rated yellow Momoi for light line events.

    30lb Momoi Diamond in yellow for everyday use in mixed company.
  5. marlinmike

    main line sp/brd/pe w/top shot of mono (nada mucho) and fluoro on the leader.
    the fluoro has a better abrasion resistance thats how i let it fly.....hope it helps with the confusion.
  6. BuonaForTuna

    Momoi Mono and Jankai Leaders
  7. mozza

    Moi moi mono for mainline and leaders. JB hollow and cortland dacron with a moimoi topshot on my 80's
  8. Capt. G

    Some good, well rounded replies (except for Frank's[​IMG]).

    I hate the polls that start out with "what is th BEST"...

    There is more than one way to skin a seal, and it is hard to argue with a captain that consistently catches billfish, regardless of his gear/rigging.
  9. marlinmike

    i also think what type of fishing you are doing....fun, tourny, record....it all has different ways it would be put together.....i know for me all are VERY different but i do like the micro-dyneema stuff........in the old days between fishermen and tennis players lots and lots of cats lost all 9 of them so it's nice to have some room to breathe now a days.
    thank you 'O' 'G' san for bringing up such a good subject to chat about.....these days some of us must have some wild ways of dangling a piece of plastic in front of a member of the istiophoridae family. ok
  10. Capt. G

    Wild ways, 'fo sure.
    I rigged a 5.5 Zuker to a 45ft. Greenstick, with 45 feet of line and a sophisticated release clip ( one of the thick rubber bands that I keep on my wrist for attaching lines to outriggers)--and it was skipping along nicely at 7.5 knots, until a pissed off blue marlin tried to kill it. It broke the rubber band, and by the time the line came taught, the fish was on...for ten minutes or so.
    I have not been able to duplicate that since, but it is not for lack of trying...
  11. makohunterz

    linen line
  12. Pescador Paul

    I use Momoi Hi Vis mono with spectra as backing. I tie a short Bimini in the mono and use a 12 ft wind on leader. All lures are rigged with 5-6 ft mono leaders.
  13. waterman269

    Have you erve tried to leader a big fish with 5-6" leader?
    It will take twice as long and it is vert hard on the fish too.
  14. Casa Vieja Lodge

    For Casa Vieja Lodge we use Berkley 20 on the Captain Hook with 100-200 leaders and for the remaining four boats we use Momoi Hi-Catch 20 and 100-200 leaders.

    For myself personally Maxima 20 or Ande 20 - just love that West German line. Before that I used 20lb Gudebrod IGFA Dacron and #7 wire.
  15. Waiohinu Lawaia

    130lb main line maxima to (for marlin) 400-600 lb J-line 20-30 ft. long.
  16. SailFishQuepos

    I used to use Mono leader but every once in a while when a fish gets bill wrapped it would cut. I switch over to Flouro and now I don't have that problem. Also, you don't have to change out the leader very often. With mono, we switched out the leader after every billfish hookup, now we make the leader extra long and only cut off the part which rubbed the bill and we can catch 6-8 fish on the same leader and be in no danger of the leader breaking off. Also, the low vis of flouro also seems to help float more fish.
  17. m_mcgourty

    What do you use for your main line?
  18. jdm61

    Ande 20 or 30 mono with fluorocarbon leader. For late season May-June fishing in Isla Mujeres, those rigs work on about everything that was feeding, be it sailfish, white marlin, 20-30 pound blackfin tuna, dolphin up to 50 pounds, the odd wahoo and, of course, those damn bait stealing bonita. :rofl: We always had a few 50 lb stand up rigs and a couple of bent buty 80's on board also rigged with mono in case Mr. Blue showed up for dinner, but most of the heavy lifting was done with 20-30 on various and sundry Shimano and Penn reels with the odd vintage Fin-Nor thrown in for good measure. The 50's got more use when we were fishing out of Panama City Beach in the northern Gulf for marlin and yellowfin.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2010
  19. mahi

    I use Suffix High Vis lime green. All tournament grade classes, 12 to 30
  20. oldenred

    i run a thousand yds of JB hollow with a 100yd topshot of mono