what kind of shark?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by umoa, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. umoa

    Got this 1/2 steak at the market today. Any idea what kind of shark this is from?

  2. alex88

    my guess would be mako, just looked in my photo album, and it's pretty spot on.
  3. HTA

    Thresher shark
  4. Capt. G

    I think it is the secret ingredient that make your sheepherder bread taste so good...
  5. DoubletroubleII

    Not sure........but it won't need a dental plan any longer!
  6. Marcus

    No idea what kind of a shark but your kitchen is a mess....... :D
  7. Mischief

    blue shark,.. LOL

  8. eaglesfanguy

  9. Fin Fever

    switch out that sponge for a fresh one. Those things carry bacteria
  10. rodngun762

  11. TopMpg

    And you prepare food in that kitchen. What a dump.
  12. Father Ken

    blech . that sink area is gross .
  13. bigeye2k

    White Pointer

    Mako.Look at the fucking window seal.Could you show a pic looking in through that window?
  15. One_Leg

    Bronze Whaler

    Do you use the toothbrush on the windowsill?

    I'd dynamite the entire kitchen instead of cleaning it up. Easier that way.

  17. Mfish618

    I'm not eatting there. Kind of a spotty question, given your info.
  18. stairman

    your alright kid these guys posting about your kitchen have been feminized by the womens movement.

    he is a student ...what did you live like then!
  19. Mfish618

    I have no such recollection, sir.......but I still ain't eatting there.:oinker:
  20. A-Fishy-Nado

    Jaguar Shark They are very rare and dangerous.