What is your favorite iron and why?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by awesome stud, Oct 20, 2011.


What is your favorite Iron and why? Color?

  1. Tady

  2. Salas

  3. 544

  4. Sumo

  5. Fish Trap

  6. Iron Man

  7. Other


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  1. awesome stud

    What is your favorite Iron and why? Favorite color?
    • Tady
    • Salas
    • 544
    • Sumo
    • Iron Man
    • Fish Trap
    • Other
  2. awesome stud

    Tady 45's have never done me wrong. I have done well with the blue/white and a green and gold that looks like a sardine.

    There are now Shimano Waxwings that are good too due to the z pattern that they swim. Have not had much luck other than a few small bass and a baracuda on the waxwings.
  3. alulunga

    Tady A-1 heavy with treble for the yo-yo...blue/wht, sardine blue

    Salas 7X any sardine pattern for surface iron

    when da fish eat the iron they work
  4. Jaydog

    Salas 7X over Tady all day long.
  5. yft1979

    Same here, salas 7x, and 7x jrs for surface iron for me.

    any 45 that glows.
  7. rza007

    The difference between yellows n cuda.
  8. Pangamaster

    I like 7x's and 45's for surface irons. For Yo YO i will take the Salas 6x and 6x juniors over Tady's any day.
  9. Rodless_Jim

    I've had good luck with Salas and Tady both, not about to bad mouth either. The best jig I've ever owned, though, is a Sumo 6x in "Blue Mack" with a glow back. I bought it off the shelf at a tackle store in Houston, Texas when I was visiting there. I wish like Hell I'd bought half a dozen of them or more.

    Before I take my next cow trip, I want to get several of those lures in blue mack and green mack, size 7x (in Sumo, that's heavy iron) with the glow back. I am sure they will work very similarly to the Tady 15s for night time tuna yo-yo.

    I just wish I knew where to find them...don't really want to go back to Houston just to buy some jigs!
  10. jscrib

    Yo Yo, Sumo C2 mac pattern. Why, because they work really good IMO.

  11. whammy

    Killer jigs are my favorite surface iron followed by the salas 7x, yoyo is all about the full 6x
  12. elreytut

    jigs with "fishy" reps, the old 3 N 1, Hacker BCL, Explorer, even kicker jigs swam right off the shelf. and IISharps. 7x lights are the only ones avail. too many 45's don't swim.
  13. Sactotuna

    Stragglers have the best action, RIP
    Tadys are my 2nd choice
  14. Fishybuzz

    Jim.....You can buy all the Sumo 6x's or 7x's you want from Charkbait....
  15. Rodless_Jim

    Apparently not with the glow backs though.
  16. bass_blaster

    Tady 45 mint/white or bird-shit. Second, and a close one, is Salas 7X. I actually don't know why I like Tady more now that I think about it so it's probably just because I have a lot more of them.
  17. pargoman

    Salas 6x jr!
  18. Rodless_Jim

    Ooops! Looks like I got that backwards. Mark at Charkbait says all of this Sumo jigs are glow back. Guess I will be placing an order...
  19. here'smymule

    For the past few years my "go to" jig has been a II Sharp 38 light. It's just a little smaller than a "C". Depending upon water conditions and what I'm fishing for I'll very color. The jig works well on Yellows, Barracuda, and Calicos. When it is working at its best nothing touches it. Of the II Sharp surface irons the 44 was the most popular, followed by the 25 and 44W. 20 years ago 38's did not get bit that well and I seldom fish it. But as II Sharps become more scarce there are more of the 38's leftover than anything else.
    It is smaller than a "C" and weighs significantly less, so it is a little harder to cast. I use a full length Ulua composite with Titanium guides. I couple this with a 332 and 30# Triple X.
  20. california2

    Those 38 lights are hard to find(compared to the 44s, which there are plenty of if you ask around)!! I agree, just an amazing all around jig. Do you know by chance what jig II sharp modeled the 38 from?

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