What is with this whole zombie fad?

Discussion in 'Gun Talk' started by el Toro, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. el Toro

    I've heard people talk about zombie invasions, zombie guns, zombie ammo and stuff here and maybe a few other internet places. I just blew it off as gun dork talk. But it's getting bigger and more mainstream. I was at Turners over the weekend getting my new license and they had zombie targets. Then I just fliiped through a Cabelas Shooting catalog and Hornady is actually making ammo branded for zombie killing. Am I the only one who doesn't get it? Seems uber lame to me. Are people that obsessed with their own little fantasy land that there is actually a market being created around such delusions? My goodness, there are some stupid people out there! Where did this shit come from?
  2. Derfsondeck

    I've been trippin a lil on it too.Fuckin stupid.
  3. Smudge

    Really fucking lame. The military guys are running with it whole hog too. I see all kinds of Zombie this and Zombie that stickers all over their trucks and jeeps. Then there are the black gun guys at my command that have all decided that they're stocking up for the "zombie apocalypse"... Oh well, if it keeps the industry funded I guess it's not a bad thing. Just goofy...
  4. Zombie

    No idea.
  5. Deno

    Even my kids are getting ready for that shit!! Nate you'll be ok with your bow.. :2gunsfiring_v1:



    It's because killing zombies is PC, cowboys and Indians isn't. You can sell the thrill to all and no one gets offended.
  7. Tues

    I hear Bank of America refused to fund anti-zombie guns...
  8. invictus

    It is gun dork stuff and uber lame.

  9. SouthBayKiller

    I'd say it's 90% walking dead related. Not only guns but dooms day prepping is pretty popular fad as well.
  10. wheresmypliers

    And what exactly is a gun dork?
  11. R&R

    It's COD nazi zombies fault... Bin Ladins Dead, I'll bet his target was a great sellers.
  12. penn25

    Stupid as shit! I guess it's a strong desire to eat something stinky and dead.
  13. penn25

    Stupid as shit. I guess i's a strong desire to eat something stinky and dead.
  14. aeon

    The gunshow was wall to wall zombie crap. I think it all ties into the end of the world 2012 bs. That has me thinking.... Was Jesus a zombie? He was dead then not, that's what zombies do. He was hard to kill after he was not dead, just like a zombie. Brb I need to stock up

    By the way where did you dig up the word uber. Maybe next thread you can work in hella cool
  15. BigJack

    It is another reason to own an AR and a pallet of 556, kinda gay if you ask me btw the hornady zombie ammo is just re branded critical defense ammo with a green tip.

    Prob the movie Zombie Land.

    Just what I was thinking, 2012 crap. It's a pretty good way to sell guns and ammo. When I was at the SCI show the guy at the Hornady booth said the Z-max was selling like crazy.
  18. YANK N CRANK #2

    Four Root Causes:

    -2012/End of the World Paranoia
    -Video Games
    -Smart Marketing to take advantage of the above causes

    I just hate being asked... "So, how far could you take out a Zombie with that gun?"
  19. Rob Sanford

    What?!? There aren't really any Zombies?!?
  20. Ali Admin

    Lame. Makes us all look like gun toting tards.