what is the best time to fish the surf high tide or low?

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by biggfish619, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. biggfish619

    need to know whens the best time to fish low tide or high tide?
  2. hookedonfish

    moving tide is great high or low depends on the location you fish. If you fish a rocky beach, low tide will really suck as you will have to walk out on the rocks to get to water. I usualyl come out on the low>>>incoming tide. So I could fish the tide coming in and the tide leaving. I spend good time out there. BBQ, eat, fish drink etc. So if you are fishing a sandy location, low tide wouldn't matter. Just make sure the tide is moving and you will do fine! Fish usually are biting where the wave breaks. So casting should not be the problem.

    Tight lines bud.
  3. bajanet


    Many believe it is the point where the tide turns from low & starts building towards high tide that will peak about 6 hrs later.

    Look for lots of water movement(a 3 foot+ difference between the high & the low). That will keep things stired up and food moving on the bottom.

    If this happens to occur at dawn or dusk, all the better.

    Tight Lines..........