What is the best mono??

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Skagitsteelhead, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Skagitsteelhead

    Just wanted to get some opinions, I want to hear from you all. All types of fishing and all species. For a mainline what is your favorite. I use Izorline Hi-Vis over just about everything. I mainly use spinning gear, but I use quite a bit of level wind reels too. I fish mainly in rivers, and Hi vis line can be used in almost every fishery I do. The times when I cant use hi vis, I use Maxima Ultragreen. But it is not as tough as Izor. I'm watching this Tred Barta guy on TV right now and wondeing what hi-vis 20 he uses. When I'm Sturgeon fishing I use red Power Pro, the red seems to last a little longer then green.
  2. Skagitsteelhead

    And while I'm at it, what types of braided line do you like?
  3. ConSeaMate

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  4. sxkid

    pline strong stuff
  5. Jason Admin

    Spectra (braided line)
    Jerry Brown Line One used to be my favorite due to no wax and soft feel.
    Berkley Braid seems to be pretty much the same thing but a lot cheaper...

    Berkley Big Game or Trilene have also been good to me. I like the clear over the smoked or green. It's cheap enough that I can replace line and not feel it in the pocket book...
    The best line is fresh line...

    IMO for florocarbon Seagaur is good. Very durable.
  6. The Notorious S.U.A

    I used Jerry Brown and its a good product, that being said, This new momoi spectra is really cool. Seaguar is great for flouro, and its a toss up between Momoi and Jinkai for the mono.
  7. b.thomas

    big game or ande.
  8. SpikeCB22

    P-line CXX and either blackwater or jerry brown spectra.
  9. Moseley

    P-line fo sho
  10. IglooMan

    Maxima Ultragreen or Izorline blue for mono...

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