What % Indian is an Indian

Discussion in 'Washington Fishing Rights' started by dstinger, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. dstinger

    Not the best title but I see so many white looking people commercially crabbing at the Indian opener in Area 6 on July 9...... What makes an Indian an Indian according to the Feds or the state... Thanks ahead of time
  2. TopMpg

    I have a friend that is 1/32 Native American and he gets all the benefits. His kids are 1/64th and they also receive benefits. What a fucking scam.
  3. Sun Tzu

    I'm a proud Tlingit. Not sure about the other Nations, but the recognized % or quantum is 1/8. And it's a great title (question).... so if you're native, be proud. fuck the native haters.. :finger:
  4. dstinger

    Then, What is a real native American? An Indian looking American?
  5. dstinger

    Sun, So in your tribe 88% white and 12% Indian is a native.... Is that state or federal rule?
    I don't hate anybody.... I just have always been curious what the percentages were? Thanks Sun
  6. ConSeaMate

    If your this person all you have to do is have high cheek bones.......
  7. Sun Tzu

    LOL.. no.

    Google "Native blood quantum" I never got the "hate" vibe from you. No worries.
  8. dstinger

    Top, How do they pull that off? Just fill out the paperwork and make things up
  9. Hunter Dan

    Adoption is a huge tribal issue as is marriage. If you have a commercial quality fishing vessel it is quite easy to marry into or get adopted to the tribe of your choice.
  10. Clay

    Look for a gay indian. You too can have Indian in you
  11. dstinger

    OK I just googled it and Wiki said all the tribes have different percentages.....
  12. dstinger

    That's an interesting angle... Do you then have to live on the reservation?
  13. Sun Tzu

    Yes, just like most things, not much is universal.

    To be Native blood? No more then you have to live in Germany to be German.
  14. dstinger

    That's good Homo humor.... Made me laugh... Laughter is good...Thanks
  15. TexMojoII

    Well, you have to show proof of your ancestors such as roll numbers (indian ssn). My mom did it like 20 years ago and I do have my cdib (certificate degree of indian blood), but it doesn't do me any good out here. Back in texas as a kid we did get medical and dental free at the indian clinics and on occasion commodity products like a freakin block of american cheese and industrial peanut butter.
  16. TexMojoII

    I bought my fireworks on the nisqually res and the dude i bought from was mexican.
  17. dstinger

    and canned pork in clear Jello LOL .... Mom got those as well as the PB in a can...... Commodities
    We got Velveeta cheese too in tin foil and used it to catch trout and bluegill in the local lakes
  18. TexMojoII

    Shit, your right, maybe it was velveeta, all I remember is it really sucked trying to cut that big ass block of cheese with a butter knife for grill cheese. One side would be paper thin and the other side of the bread would be one inch, try cooking that shit evenly. LOL
  19. Ducttape

    ahhh, I remember the gov brick of cheese too well. sucked when the rest of the food ran out and thats all that was left for a couple weeks. BLAH..
  20. TopMpg

    Don't know, but he gets free medical and perscriptions plus other shit. I call him Poke-A-Anus.