What I do when I'm not fishing

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing' started by Wandering Blues, May 14, 2009.

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  1. Wandering Blues

    I thought I'd share a recent woodcut print I did titled "Rise." Woodcut is where you carve away an image out of a block of wood, ink it up, and run it through a hand crank printing press. Kinda like making a crazy detailed rubber stamp.

    This took about 30 hours of carving and about a case of cold pale ale!

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  2. Carl

  3. nunyabizness1

    Very beautiful!
  4. ConSeaMate

  5. medunn16

    What Buster said!
  6. Shaka760

    That's killer man!!
  7. marlyn

    damn curtis i was expecting a pic of you crackin somenes melon with a nightstick!
  8. sdfishkiller

    Well you must not be a very good fisherman...................

    Because you must have used all your God given talent for that masterful work of art!!!!!! LOL

    Soo post up some more pics of your other woodcuts, that is a real talent sir, very beautiful.

    You can't leave us hanging with just one, we wanna see em all now!

    Gunna sell any?
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  9. Saluki

  10. punchjamesarnol

    If that was on a shirt I would probably buy it. Nice work!
  11. PFflyer

    I would be interested in a print to frame, and a shirt as well!

    Good Work!
  12. Bigfish69

    Very cool,,,you are truly an artist.

  13. gunnyslinger

    Thats badass right there.
  14. scorch

    Impressive!! I too would like to see more.
  15. BuonaForTuna

    Nice work curtis.
  16. Wandering Blues

    Here's some other stuff. Hand colored the rainbow; printed the school on some old 1950's era wallpaper, and did the Canada Goose the on the same and floated it in the frame.

    Thanks for all the feedback. I do it as a hobby, but it's still awesome to hear some good comments!

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  17. jeremy8m

    kick ass!
  18. TWreports

    Nice work my man!
  19. Surfdoc


    Well if you ever start doing prints I'm on your list!!!

  20. waterguy

    Wish I had the talent and the patience. Nice work.