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    I am looking for all the reasons that you love Puerto Vallarta! When did you start going? The Captains that fish hard? Your favorite boat or bar?

    For the last week or so we have heard the negative reports from there and yes it can and will happen but there are a lot of us that still have many good memories and as far as I am conceived PV is still one of the best locations to catch big tuna and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

    Without looking back on my old pictures to get a date, my first experience in PV was with Josh. Even if I don't see eye to eye with him on everything I will always say he is one of the hardest fisherman I have fished with!! Back then we had to catch our own bait all night and then head out to the tuna grounds. One of the first trips Ali and I were on the old Grady and had a double hook up on the tuna. For the first time in my life I had a fish that was kicking my ass and taking line as fast as being hooked up to a Mac Truck!! I will never forget when Josh told me to brake mine off because Ali's was bigger and we could not handle two of these monsters at the same time. I wanted to tell Ali to kiss my butt, but being new to these big tuna I followed Josh's wishes. Ali landed the biggest tuna I have ever seen. Will things changed over the years and bigger tuna were landed! After Bogii writes his book I would like to try one myself.LOL

    Then comes Drew with a new boat to fill the gaps and Mark (mstonefish) and I have the privilege to brake it in!! What a trip this one turns into! So many big fish that it might take years to have a better trip. Tony and crew put Mark and I onto world class tuna, marlin, dorado and every thing that swims down there! We end up with a couple 300 ++ tuna and memories that will last a life time! I also don't want to forget another friendship with Drew that you don't find everyday!

    Then comes Manny. I don't know where to start here! This Guy has educated me more on PV fishing that anybody! Who leaves the dock hours ahead of the others and has always produced?? I feel lucky to be able to call him a friend! Manny's Father is another one of those special people you meet once in your lifetime!

    Top Gun with Capt Jaun, Both Danny's and Scotty are always are close to the fish and again more friendships! When does it end?

    For the past few years I have been blessed to hook up with Dave and his son Gene and their sweet Bertram Zig Zag. One of the nicest 35 footers I have fished on! What has made this boat work so well is the Captain! Caesar is a long time local know to many by his nickname Pepino (pickle or cucumber in Spanish) I forget at times to remember who it is that sits at the wheel while we take a nap in the morning and again on the ride home! Who has the contacts for our bait, ice, lunches and keeps Dave's boat in top shape!!

    I could go on and on about why I love PV and my many friends but want to hear why it is a special place to you too!!

    PS, I still owe Barnes a beer and I am trying my best to spend some time with him soon! Bogii on the other hand still scares me! LOL I sure I have forgotten others like Gernsey (another good fisherman) and all the BD turneys we used to have! The book will come out soon, as soon as Stan (Tinknocker) edits it for me. Yes!!! I am still working hard to get the old ALUMINATOT down there.
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    My boat was there for several months last fall & spring. I made several trips with fishing buddies and caught fish and had fun every time. PV is easier to get to than La Paz (more flights), and Paradise Village was a nice place to be. Due primarily to safety concerns, my family only went down once, but the other night one of my three daughters said that the restaurant Fajita Republic, was her favorite anywhere, and the other two agreed. The fact that we dinghied up the river to get there -- kind of like Pirates of the Carribean, but the alligators are real -- was part of the attraction. My girls (who are all competitive sailors) also got to sail with the PVYC Juniors, which they enjoyed. Hopefully, I can get them to come back this year. My wife heard about the island incident, but since she knew that we had known (we thought it was excessive caution at the time) to keep our distance, she didn't look at that as something that could have happened to us. (Although, there was some debate among our crew, and our "local knowledge" deck hands kept saying no problem.)
  3. Tues

    I took my family there on a vacation 5 years ago...

    Not to bore you with the details of the trip but it was the 7 best days I've ever had!

    I will go back! And, I will bring my family.

    (Paradise Village)

    I might be going out on a limb a bit but I wanted to share part of an email I received from Josh. Times do change and I hope people do too. I am still a believer in man kind and God knows how many times I have screw up in my life time. Barnes has been after me to make amends with Josh since I met him and this might help.

    From Josh:

    I couldn't agree with Dennis more. With all of the negativity and turmoil going on in the world today, the last thing any of us need is to be at each other's throats or focusing our energy into anything less than positive things. Our collective journey's down here in PV over the years have been filled with remarkable achievements, incredible friendships, valuable lessons, and some truly once in a lifetime moments both on and off the water.

    All of us can remember the years when we were out there day after day, slugging it out as a team and taking part in one of the most spectacular fisheries this side of the Pacific has ever known. All of the local guys down here deserve the utmost respect and credit for putting in long hours of dedicated effort. I have never seen a group of fishermen in any of my travels that work as hard as the core captains in the PV area. Nor have I encountered a group that works as closely together out on the water to ensure that everybody catches fish.

    I can vividly remember days when the usual spots failed to produce, and the fleet would spread out in all directions looking for action. The boys would keep in contact with each other and when something of interest was found the radio would light up and whoever found the fish would immediately call the other boats in. There's something to be said about that kind of teamwork and communication, and I have to take my hat off to the PV fleet for truly showing the kind of sportsmanship that exemplifies what it means to be sportsmen.

    As the years went by and PV became "famous", we all endured our share of the ups and downs that comes with that kind of attention. Some of us handled it better than others. Some of us (particularly me) definitely let it go to our heads. There were certainly a few years there where our system broke down and things risked falling apart. I can't speak for everyone of course, but I know I definitely did many things which put our previously flawless system into jeopardy. I am definitely not proud of that.

    Personally, the last decade in PV has helped me grow up mentally, spiritually, and professionally and has unquestionably changed my life in a myriad of ways. When I first got down here I had no idea what i was getting into. I simply up and left Canada and showed up in Sayulita with no friends, connections, or any idea of what lay in wait just a few miles offshore. Those first two or three years were filled with an amazing diet of discovery and adventure that I will likely never duplicate in my lifetime. It was an incredible time for me personally, and the fishing that I soon found myself in the midst of was to change the course of my life forevermore.

    The attention during the PV prime definitely got to my head, as did many of the nefarious things that are easily attainable down here. While I can't erase these past mistakes, I consider myself indefinitely lucky that I managed to pull through those "bad years" and emerge as a wiser person with a healthy respect for the consequences of making bad decisions. Sure I was young and "fired up!", but that doesn't really qualify as an excuse.

    In the past few years I've worked very hard to clean up my act and concentrate on the things in life that truly matter. Things like friendship, healthy living, and above all FAMILY count far more than the sum of more nefarious things. I've seen many others in my life go through similar changes, and I consider us all truly lucky to have realized all of this before it was too late.

    Dennis should be commended for taking the initiative and letting us all know that it doesn't pay to focus on the negative. Some might argue that hey, this is a fishing site and there's no place for this kind of bullshit. But I beg to differ.

    While there are some out there who don't really give a shit about the deeper meaning, I think I speak for most of us in the PV community when I say that we have developed a rare phenomenon down here that succeeds in blending lifestyle, friendship, fun, and of course - FISHING! It's time that we move towards the good old days once again and get back to what brought us all down here together in the first place. Believe me when I tell you that despite all of the cartel crap coming out of Mexico lately, PV is still a haven for good times and incredible adventure. The cycle will continue as it has since time immemorial, and the years when we had massive schools of big tuna and marlin at the Rock and Bank will happen again. I know that I'll be here to see it, and I truly hope that all of you will be down here too.

    Here's to the future amigos, I look forward to sharing the next ten wonderful years of EPIC adventures and BEYOND with all of you.

    (PS, I know I'm technically BANNED from BD, but I asked Dennis to post this up for me as I really wanted to clear the air and touch base with you guys once again. Good luck out there, and most of all - GOOD FISHING!)

    Capt Josh Temple
  5. Tues

    Good read...Always enjoyed BD for good reads. Need more of them...
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    I sincerely hope Josh is clean. I might change the past few years to past few months but if he's truly on the right path it's a good thing.
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    Outstanding read Josh! :appl:
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    We have been going down to PV for a number of years now and will continue to do so. The biggest hassle in all the time going there has consistently been the LA airport, nothing down in PV has been a problem. Like some others here Paradise Village is our home base several times a year but we have no problem renting a car and tooling around the local towns and countryside. I do not see it as anymore dangerous than areas of LA, SD, Chicago or any other major metro area or some rural areas of the states for that matter.

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