What does Wahoo Taste Like?

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by Abaco, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Abaco

    I've never caught one and I'm curious. What do they taste like and what kind of recipes do they lend themselves to well? I'm enjoying making poke and tacos so far, along with the occassional chunk of BBQ'ed yellowfin. Man, I love cookin and eatin fish. My beef consumption has dropped by 95% since starting this hobby, my HDL's are high and my triglycerides are non-detectable... :starwarskid5:
  2. johnnylite

    Chicken only different of course. LOL
  3. sandiegofisherm

    smoked wahoo is like eating turkey yummyyyyyy
  4. Rubberhook2

    Some of the best eating fish IMO. I like mine grilled but be careful not to overcook as it dries out easily. One of the chefs on a long range boat advised to cook it a third of the way through, flip it, and cook another third then remove from heat and cover in foil for a few minutes as the fish is continuing to cook. Works perfectly and I have used that advice ever since...

    Funny story. Several years ago while on an elk hunt in Arizona I brought a bunch of wahoo for elk camp and all of the other hunters and guides. We had a camp cook who had a large BBQ set up in camp. I gave him all the wahoo in the morning and told him to feel free to prepare it for dinner that night. I assumed he would BBQ it...

    When we got back to camp that evening there in the middle of the table was a huge platter of beer battered deep fried wahoo complete with tarter sauce. I did not say a word...

    The upside was that all the guys said it was by far the best fish and chips that they had ever had.....
  5. dh515

    The meat is white, firm and flaky and very mild tasting. I always thought that was strange since it is a member of the mackerel family. Lends itself well to grilling or baking. Even people who don't like fish usually like it. That being said, I like yellowtail better. Which is good for me since I suck at wahoo fishing. :)
  6. Johnny J

    I like to take a cookie sheet line with foil place as many pieces of fish as needed. Then pour what ever concoction and spice I have mixed together over them. Cover with another piece of foil seal it up like a jiffypop bag and put it on the barbie. When the foil jiffypops the fish is done and never if dry.
  7. screamingreel

    It is white and firm; similar to halibut. It is my favorite white fleshed fish! I love it on tacos or steamed with rice!!

  8. Sum Ting Wong

    The best long-range fish for preservation, imho. Meaning, in a year, take a vacuumed pack of wahoo out of the freezer and it will be almost perfect. Yellowfin and others don't hold up as well during storage.

    It holds up well to battering/tacos, grilling and sauteing. Best imo sauteed and then drizzled with a sauce that won't overpower it, like a sriracha hollandaise or even a good Italian dressing. Somewhat mild flavor, but not fishy if stored properly.

    It has a much lower fat content than tuna, and will dry out quickly if overcooked. If you are not experienced cooking fish to touch, you should consider a thermometer such as a thermopen:

    ThermoWorks - The New Splash-Proof Super-Fast Thermapen

    It's about $96, but is one of my most indispensable kitchen tools. Accurate in 3 seconds, and the tip is a needle so it doesn't cause juice loss due to a huge puncture site which usually happens from the larger instant-read therm's.

    Cook wahoo until internal temp is 120 deg. Let it rest for 3 min's before eating.
  9. TShooter

    On my last trip the cook smothered it in Mayonaise and then put the seasoning on top of the mayonaise prior to grilling it. Awesome! So I tried it when I got home, and man it was just as good!

  10. garrironman

    nothing as good to eat,nothing as good on iron.
  11. barreled4ever

    Hands down..best eating fish...
  12. SeaDawg

    I like to taste the fish, Paula just cooked some fresh wahoo for me last week, just butter in a fry pan with salt & pepper..............awesume :)
  13. Lone Shark

    Wahoo makes great ceviche! tacos as well...its hard to screw up...white flaky not fishy just dont overcook!
  14. Holi-e-Mackeral

    On the RP, they make wahoo salad.. very similar to chicken salad.. it is the bomb...

    The chef Anthony, tells me he bakes the wahoo with some water or broth in the pan.., lets it cools, flakes it and then makes it just like tuna or chicken salad.. very mild...

    I made a big batch at a potluck, told no one that it was fish.. the non fish eaters loved it... thought it was chicken..

  15. riverplayer

    I'm with ya on the yellowtail or dorado being my favorite fish but wahoo is freaking great off the grill....Butterflied and just grill it till its 3/4 done and let it sit to finish cooking for a few.....George on the RR used to hook and cook thoses skinnies up like no other! Damn those were the days!
  16. apcrew45

    Freshly ground pepper and a propane torch. This is how 2 of my favorite sushi bars serve it, and I would not have it any other way.
  17. wils

    all of the above plus ceviche and sashimi.
  18. tossmeatuna

    Caught a 35# Wahoo in Hawaii, ate it sashimi. Similiar to flatties. Pan fried the rest in butter, garlic, onions, jalapenos and added some mushrooms in the end, awesome! Gotta eat it sashimi fresh...................btw, as Rubberhook2 mentioned, don't overcook cause it will dry out fast.
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  19. wahoodad

    I guess I'm the lone stranger here (no surprise there), but I find wahoo kind of bland and boring myself.

    Now, those threadfin sculpin we catch at Hurricane Bank- OMG, YUMMY!!!!
    And I like albacore way better than wahoo. Way better. I'll trade pound for pound Five Star packages of wahoo for Five Star packages of albacore caught this year.

    I have some wahoo in my freezer, it's ok, (see Jason Fleck's recipe for Coconut/Macadamia nut encrusted wahoo on the Excel website). That's about the only way I like it.

    If Javier gives me the choice between tuna and wahoo, I'm picking tuna. More f;lavor IMO.

    You guys can have em.
  20. Sushi Grade

    I like to poach my hoo in sake, soy sauce, chinese 5 spice, sugar, green onion and a bit of pickled ginger. Cook it 3/4's of the way and remove it from the pan, reduce the sauce till thick and enjoy.