What does it mean when cooked lobster tails smell like ammonia

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by yetii, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. yetii

    What does it mean when cooked lobster tails smell like ammonia. went to the store and bought 4 good size lobster tails, came home washed in water and then steamed. after cracking them open i noticed the meat looked kinda brownish, smelled it and it smelled like ammonia. to be on the safe side we did not eat them.
  2. ahidog

    They have been eating blue shark?
  3. ibdfishkiller

    It was bad good call thats what it means lobster and crab.
  4. Saluki

    Don't eat it.
    If it smells like ammonia it's because it's not fresh.
    It was probably sitting around too long prior to being refrigerated & then frozen during processing.

    Strong ammonia smell is a natural way to tell that lobster meat is not fit to eat........ seriously!
  5. titan05

    Do not eat them, you will get sick...return to place of purchase.

    The lobster was dead and was breaking down and the ammonia is a by product of the meat breaking down.

    The human body does the same thing when you don't take in enough food.......the body starts eating the muscle and you give off a strong smell of ammonia.
  6. Sushi Grade


    I means they are no good and you should take them back to the store you bought them at and get your cash back.
  7. yetii

    No wonder they were on sale at ralphs
  8. Bigfish69

    Seriously could have made you sick,,,good call not to mack them. Definatly take them in for a refund!

    I purchased some shimp last year from albertsons and it was a very similar semell to that of amonia,,i took back for a full refund and they hooked me up for free4 pounds for free,,,yeah baby.


  9. Mfish618

    Yep.....ammonia= spoiled. Always err on the side of safety with any food. If you think it might be bad, it surely is. Your nose doesn't lie.

    Beware buying cheap seafood at the supermarket, who knows where that shit comes from that they can sell lobster tails for 5 bucks. Definetly not california spinies.

    I personally dont buy any seafood reg grocery stores, seafood market or costco.

    Really wish I was closer to tommys shop.
  11. GetReelLucky

    You should know if it was ON SALE, it's because they were trying to get rid of it before it was really really spoiled. Better to pay a little more for fresh fish than go cheap and either get sick or end up tossing it.
  12. Mischief

    do not buy warm water lobsters,..
  13. Hooops

    Add more garlic - then prepare to ralph your brains out.
  14. ibdfishkiller

    The lobster was bad you stated you did not eat it and that was a good decision. Is that better Ed. Thanx for keeping me on my toes.
  15. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser

    Good to know you did not eat it, now next time come see me, we stand behind our seafood 100%
  16. wolfman

    buy local fresh is the best.