Whaler 15 foot commercial hull rare.

Discussion in 'Members Boats For Sale' started by wombatV, May 28, 2012.

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  1. wombatV

    for sale.

    15 foot 1993 commercial hull whaler.

    40 hp honda 4 stroke. with low hours. ( 200 )

    bowmounted minn kota heavy duty electric motor.

    trailer is in great shape as well.

    this is the perfect boat for the lakes and delta.

    email me at lambwoo@gmail.com

    8 K cash.
  2. TRS

    Is the boat for sale the one pictured in your Avatar?
  3. jordanlawrence

    Sounds like a good little set up. Can you put up some pics..
  4. Surfdoc

    Very interested............ Pictures please.
  5. pv apollo

    pics man, the people need pics
  6. wombatV

    Selling for an 80 year old friend. should get some pics tomorrow. This is a great boat.
    perfect light and easy but seaworthy. setup for freshwater bassfishing with electric motor but i still have the high front rails if you want to put it on and go out to the saltwater inshore grounds. motor has only 200 hours and will last a long time. Honda and whaler legendary dependability. commercial grey hull is extra heavy duty. it is basically the commercial 15 alert model.. check it out on the whaler sites.
  7. wombatV

    no, that is my boat. 185 edegwater. not for sale . but maybe in a year or two
  8. sfjakey

    Price? fair market value to each person means something different.
  9. Hustler

    The price was listed, now it's not...
    Guess the guy's fishin' - good luck.
  10. wombatV

    I am not quite sure what the market will bear for this boat. I am trying to get the most that i can for my 80 year old friend. He has over 11K invested in it and has not used it much over the years. He knows that he will be taking a loss on it.

    This is a very nice package and the commercial hull is extra heavy duty and very rare which adds a lot of value. Ebay might be a good place to get an ideal of its value. The range is between 6 and 10k depending on the power and condition. A honda 40 will cost you 6 k for a new one. A new 15 foot montauk with a 4 stroke will cost you 20 K for a new rig.

    This rig will last someone a very long time without any major costs. So if you have been looking for this 15 foot model. I can say with confidence that this one is going to be hard to beat. So, whoever gives the highest bid by next week will get it.
  11. Hustler

  12. Hustler

    Dude, this isn't eBay - see who the highest bidder will be...
    What's the price, and where the heck are the pictures?
    Oh never mind, I will start the bidding at $250, I guess sight unseen.
    Let me know if I'm the winner.
    Thanks :)
  13. Juny


    I doubt bidding on items is allowed on BD & pictures are a must to get any biters. Sounds like my dream boat.
  14. Hustler

    $300 and I don't need no stinkin' pictures :imdumb:
  15. Juny

    $350 :2gunsfiring_v1:
  16. abarthsrule

  17. rza007

    Put it on ebay and get pounded in the ass in fees. Go ahead
  18. fishymeister

    "Yuuuup!" (450)
  19. Phat Matt

  20. jordanlawrence

    It will go the the highest bidder as long as he gets 7500. Whaler owners always over estimate the market. I just went and looked at a hobie power skiff mold reproduction. Giant scuppers, foam filled, nice Yamaha 40 hp 4 stroke. Galv trailer. Super rare and hard to find. great condition! $4500.