WFO yellows @ Rockpile - 8/23

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Troy, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. Troy

    Had some clients in town from Nor Cal and LA. Set up a 5-5 run on the Impulse out of Dana Landing. None of the guys were big fisherman and 4 of them caught their largest fish ever today. Super fun morning. Plugged the boat with 30 YT in 2 hours (6:45 - 8:45 am). Cookie cutter fish in the 17-25 lb range.

    Best part was only 4 or 5 cudas mixed in during the hot bite and no dogs were around. Great fishing for some newbies. Wanted to get them on some albies but they were not up for an overnight trip and as good as the fishing was this morning it didn't matter.

    By 10:00 the bite was slowing. We hung around for another 30 minutes then decided to roll south, find some kelp and have lunch. Ate some sashimi and then the captain BBQ some of the yellows along with the usual grub. Cocktails and fresh fish for lunch!

    The tide picked up around 1:00 and it was wide open calicos on plastic for an hour. Some bonita and slimers mixed in on bait. Good afternoon stop. Headed home at 2:30 and watch Ryan clean fish for an hour. I've got a lot of vacum sealing to do tomorrow.

    Crew was great. Thanks Keith & Ryan. Hit up the Impulse for good 6 pak service.

    ps - bait from MB was great despite what I'd read earlier this week.

  2. Luhr'd Away

  3. fishnbuddy

    Those clients will be back to ya! Smart move and good fishing.
  4. Clay

    Thats sweet!
  5. Pancheke

    wow !!! nice trip
  6. Mahi Geer

    same story yesterday, its good fishing out there
  7. MikeyLikesIt

    how cool is that? :appl:
  8. Duramax

    where is the rock pile?
  9. razor00

    WOW!!! good job...
  10. Pancheke

  11. Mischief

    great report and pics, straight hooking the newbies on some good fish! grats,..

  12. Mr. Fish

    Wow!! How do you respond when something important happens?
  13. Mr. KaBoom

    Looks like good times! Thanks for the report. I think I know where I'll be tomorrow.
  14. http404

    Dude, what the hell are you talking about? Did I miss something.

    Everyone is in attack mode around here lately. It fucking sucks.
  15. I'M OFF

    Now that sounds like some close fun for sure.
    Good job.............
  16. jturnbull

    I'm heading to the rock pile Fri in the a.m. This is what I like to read.
  17. Mr. Fish

    I enjoy reading posts by guys like you who go out of their way to look like fools.
  18. sdfishkiller

    I grew up with Keith, he is one of my best buds. He is a great DH and Capt., glad you guys had such a great day at the pile. I'll call him and tell him about the nice report. Todd.
  19. Eye Problem

    thank you!
  20. Eye Problem

    so does this mean youre not signing off now?