WFO Yellowfin, Bluefin, & yellowtail on the Relentless 11/2 day trip

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by johnsangler, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. johnsangler

    Went out with Joel on Sunday night with 18 people. We heard rumors of tuna down at about 145 miles. They werent rumors. We boated way over 130 fish
    but the big thing was the size and quality. Almost everything boated was at
    least 30 to 45 pounds with the jackpot in the high 50's and most of the fish
    in the low 40's. Dead tired, just got done cleaning 22 tuna 5 yellowtail and one dodrado. Housefull of guest's time to cook. More and pix later. Met Branman on this trip and at least 2 crew members were bloodydeckers. I'm
    sure they will be posting pix too. JJ
  2. branman

    It was nice fishing with you and your son, Hope to do it again :cheers:
  3. rsees

    Wow. What a trip. Congrats.
  4. Double Z

    Phuckers! Thanks for the report. Just sucks sitting here reading it.
  5. itrytofish

    cleaning that many fish, must have been Amer. waterrs?
    NIce trip, congrats!
  6. medunn16

    And you cleaned all that fish yourself!!!!!!!Your a crazy man....Sounds like you guy's had a great trip!!!!!!!!!Big fish this year,let's hope it stays that way???
  7. evilkhemist

    John, it was a great trip. It was nice fishing with you and your son. Hopefully we can do it again someday.
    Brandon "the other one"
  8. johnsangler

    Yeah ,that was pretty damn awesome. Its been a long time since I've seen that many BIG fish. I will try and get the pictues up tomorrow. Did I mention that I suck at taking pictures? I told the charter master to keep my name for
    future trips if he has any openings. I'll let you know. JJ