Wet Sand Next Week

Discussion in 'Oregon Fishing' started by White Cloud, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. White Cloud BD Writer

    Well, I start my vacation this week as my last night of work is Wednesday morning.

    I just looked at Wetsand and and all I can say is if the prediction holds there will be many days of consecutive runs....

    I am thinking of doing coast guard school starting 8/11 instead of the Winter so Thursday/Friday & Saturday runs are definately a strong possibility.

    Hope the Foerecast holds....
  2. Deck Ape

    I'm planning a Thursday evening crab trap drop/ salmon fishing trip then run out for TUNA on Friday. Running out of Hammond.
  3. White Cloud BD Writer

    The weekend is taking a turn for the worse but Thursday & Friday are looking awesome....

    Who else is going to run?
  4. Afry

    I think this site is one of the best BUT they are just guessing also.

    This week I watched the forecasts everyday and figured I would not fish (SD area). But as the week wore on the forecast got better.

    Went I went Sunday it was bumpy in the AM but by noon it was greasy - not at all what they forecast for wind or swell interval.

    Bottomline....nobody knows - just go if it's close. Besides - you yankees are badasses when it comes to "fishable conditions"