West Coaster on Vacation in Summer

Discussion in 'Mid Atlantic Reports and Discussion' started by invictus, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. invictus


    I will be vacationing in NC in August, coastal areas. I want to bring a surf setup and we are thinking of spending a day chartering a boat.

    Reference the surf fishing, what species can I target and what basic gear is absolutely necessary.

    Any help, greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Ken t

    Come and stay in the Morehead or Beaufort area. Charter an all day trip with Shane Brafford on the Fight-N-Lady. You will need to book him early his number is (252) 422-0066. It will be a Gulf Stream trip of a life-time. You can take day ferry trips to Shackleford Banks for surf fishing, or/and go to Calico Jacks (15 miles) and take a ferry to the Core Banks for surf fishing and beach combing. August isnt the best time for surf fishing but you should be able to catch blue fish, flounder, spots and croackers. As for tackle, 8 to 10 foot surf rod loaded with 20 # line should be sufficient. Visit Captain Joe Shutes Bait and Tackle for your terminal tackle he will give you the dos and donts on how to catch fish this time of year. Hope this helps.

  3. invictus

    Greatly appreciated Ken, Thank you!
  4. NCangler0201

    If you get the time it is well worth it to come further south to Ocean Isle. Drop by OIFC (Ocean Isle Fishing Center) and stock up on gear. What Ken said about what you need is spot on. Also Capt. Brant McMullan has a great staff down there that are always willing to help. Check 'em out I spend a good deal of time down there when the season is in heavy... real stand up crowd. Of course charter service is available. Go to oifc.com.
  5. swell rider

    If Gulfstream fishing on a Big Boat is what your looking for Capt. Shane and his mate Brad on the Fight-n- Lady are the best in the buiness..If it's Bottom Fishing Grouper, Snapper Giant Amberjacks give me a call, I run a full time charter Boat specializing in Bottom Fishing and Jigging Trips out of Atlantic Beach/ Morehead City, NC. The run offshore is pretty close inside 40nm for both the trolling and Bottom Fishing. What ever you chose to do enjoy NC..Capt. Ken Mullen

    Swell Rider Sportfishing
    Atlantic Beach, NC
    910 233-1714
    910 200-2502
  6. Bowmovement

    Between Morehead and Beaufort I would choose Beaufort. Very close to Morehead if you charter a boat there. Beaufort is a very chill little town with slot to check out. Slot of history there. I grew up not far from there. Have fun in Blackbeard country!