Went Hooping.....Boat key is missing!!!!

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by tuna taxi, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. tuna taxi

    so what do BD'ers do? We improvise!!

    Arrive at Davies right around sunset, jump on the boat as the trailer is being backed in and when I reach for the key it's missing:imdumb: I look around the dash and nada, check the deck to see if it feel off and nada. I decide to move away from the launch to search for my spare and nada:1041677399:
    While going through my first aid kit I find a pair of teazers, I break the teazers in half but it wouldn't fit in the ignition. I go back in the kit and pull out the microscopic scissors, slide them in the ignition, turn the switch and BAM she started!!!:beerbang:

    Finally, we're on the go and to make up time my buddy Tony starts cutting bait and stuffing the hoops while my son puts everything back in it's place. We exit the channel and the race is on, there was a 25' Bayliner Saratoga about 30 yards behind us that was following, I open up the throttle and leave him behind. We get to our spot and start dropping nets, we only had seven on board and all seven are in within 10-15 minutes. First pull is made within 20-30 minutes, as Tony is pulling and the net hits surface all I hear is, "George! George! George!" I look into the net and we have two bugs, one is so so and the other needs no measuring, it's a whopper!!

    All in all it was a great trip, WE FINALLY GOT THE KEEPERS! We all pulled nets, we all set nets, everyone participated. We landed seven keepers one of which we found out we measured wrong so we tossed it back, total shorts left to live another day was right around eight or so. When we got back to the launch we found Officer Corbo from the DFG at the launch, he measured our bugs and congratulated us on a good batch. He told us that he had just finished citing someone for having two short bugs on board....it's not worth guys!!!!

    It was my sons first hooping trip so it looks like I found my lucky charm. Tony and I told him that he's in our gang now and he's going to have to come on everything trip. Can't wait to get out again.

  2. fishnbuddy

    Nice work Jorge...quick nights are great!! Keep the good luch charm close!!
  3. tuna taxi

    What up, JR!! Got your PM, I'll hit you up later.
  4. fisherbaby

    lmao using scissors for a key!! definetly saved a night of fishing
  5. geno machino

    Way to save the trip.

    Good thinking"McGyver"

    Looks like your son had a great time.


  6. nunyabizness1

    Nice!!!!!!!! Lucky charm for sure!
  7. Mischief

    lol,..great report dude, sucks about losing the key, at least you it working the ghetto way,..

  8. Duramax

    better change the ign. lock/switch, getting lucky is great but I wouldn't rely on that for the next trip.

    Congrads on the keeper buck's.
    We only got 5 keeper on our last trip and it took us about 7 hours.
    Sure is a great feeling to take home some legal meat.....................
  9. alien4fish

    great pull,
    im sure you found the key right where you left it when got home......on the kitchen counter!!
  10. inSTANt bendo

    Glad you saved your trip. That would have been really frustrating. Nice bugs!
  11. Az.monkey

    Well ain't that some shit right there ! Talk about a save, Deffinately take your son out every trip. Nice job on the bugs Jorge and thanks for a fun read.Now I realize I'm not the only one that gets by the FU fairy
  12. tuna taxi

    No comment
  13. Kareem Korn

    I can't relate to that lost key thing.......................................I do know my mailbox key works for my boat tho. :)
  14. 5150dude

    Congrats on gettin the bug skunk off the boat.
    We are zero for two trips and hoping the 3rd time is the charm. We are experimenting with some new rigs and different depths after finally making it to a seminar.
    Good job!
  15. bigeye2k

    Thanks for the report and the lesson on how to hot wire a boat.