Weekend of rivers Idaho - Montana June 8, 9, 10 2012

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fly Fishing' started by TheShark, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. TheShark

    HI all..

    What a week I had had last week... So I got an approved hour off early on friday and met a buddy on the Henry's Fork. we floated Ora to Vernon.. Good little float. I forgot my waders.. always in a hurry and of course it rained :D
    I did manage a few nice small fish on drys..

    Friday Eve..

    Saturday my fly fish club had a club float..
    meeting & bbq point

    I picked up two riders to row down the Henrys Fork that day, we did Warm River to Ashton..
    As soon as I launched the boat, the winds picked up quite a bit.. I could'nt back out one of my guys drove up from Utah for this trip... The only way out was if they canceled, no man would do that with a woman who was rowing...

    Here is Mel & Tim

    Mel picked me a flower for rowing them down


    About 1/2 way through the float, my phone started flashing a weather alert.. I read it .. "sustained 30mph winds with 50 mph gusts" Oh bloodyhell was my first thought.. The guys were cool. It made for tough fishing and tougher rowing as the wind would pitch the boat towards every freaking rock.. I had about 3.5miles to before the take out. We made it and I was beat.

    The next morning I headed to the Madison river, I love this river!
    We launched at Raynolds pass and floated to Pine

    Several of these were caught

    My ride for the day

    Good weekend :)
    Tight lines all

  2. Norseman

    Very nice
  3. Where was this @
  4. Gil Marlin

    Nice to see a report from you Shelly... that's a beautiful place.
  5. TheShark

    Friday was Henrys Fork, Ora to Vernon southeast idaho
    Saturday was Henrys Fork, Warm River to Ashton (southeast Idaho)
    Sunday is the Madison River, Montana
  6. Captain Curt

    Damn Girl.............I'm jealous. Bet it's a blast.


    The boat Hanna.............
  7. TheShark

    :) Curt It is the only way to keep myself sane... I live close to these rivers and it makes it nice except for the skeeters... I got bit a couple of times last night..
  8. hamachi51

    Good job. All dry or any dredging?
  9. TheShark

    Drys & nymphs :)
    Love the dry fly action up here
  10. glenn

    All right, moving water is nice. I'm glad you're off the frog water now.
  11. TheShark

  12. BiggestT

    I've never fished any of these rivers. They look big and would probably overwhelm me.
  13. TheShark

    Naw these rivers are easy.. This one here was a little intimidating to me..

  14. BiggestT

    Yeah that would be intimidating. I'd need my buddy to point my casts in the right direction to figure out all that water.

    Are you rowing it yourself? I've never rowed, but would like to. My buddy up in Boise did the River of No Return section of the Salmon River at 35,000 CFS in his pontoon boat. Some big cajones, but he's an expert on that stuff.
  15. TheShark

    Oh not me on the sticks on this part of the Madison.. Not yet anyway...

    I like to go down a river with someone else on the sticks the first time i see a stretch of water.
    Im a wimp. I can row Henrys Fork with no issues, I did that last week with those damn 30 mph winds.. Kicked my butt..
  16. steelonthefly

    Nice report! Seeing this sure does make me miss fishing those waters, it's been too long.
  17. TheShark

    Thanks :) Come back and fish it