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  1. sdfishkiller

    NDBC - Southwest California Recent Marine Data

    This a current observation to be used in conjunction with the Forecasts.
    LEARN IT, LIVE IT, LOVE IT! I hope you all can find some useful info on this site.

    ATTN Surfers: It is a good site for watching summer southswells too.

    Some cool features of this website below. FISHING CHIT CHAT FORUM has a sticky thread at the top with many other weather links.
  2. jiminoc

    not much of a tutorial.
    why don't you add something about interpreting the height vs seconds or something.
  3. sdfishkiller

    O.K. If the San Clemente basin buoy says it is 10ft at 6-8 secs don't go in yer skiff to the 302.
    If the swell is 10ft at 16-18 secs go fish or actually, Go Surf!

    hit yer buoy of choice and on the far left side of the (Blue Square Buoys only) is a triangle shape(plot of last five days) ,click on it for useful info. look at the combined plot of air pressure to wind speeds(underlined) and look for a pattern to predict upcoming low wind speeds. Notice how a steady slowly rising pressure( low to high) has a decreasing wind speed pattern(not always true). current swell and wind wave heights are shown.

    I look at the San Clemente buoy(46086) for several days before and at 8-10pm and 4-5am before I head offshore in the summer for paddy hopping, look at the last five days plot, air pressure tendencies and the Forecast at NOAA. What is happening offshore will affect the inshore in time.

    Look at the Tanner buoy too.
    Forecasts are nice, current observations are very nice.

    Have a safe offshore season.