Wear your sunglasses while fishing (GRAPHIC PICS)

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by socalahi, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. socalahi

  2. tim1120sm

    so what's for dinner? maybe i'll wait an hour or two.
  3. Kareem Korn

    Cheese & Rice, that's just nasty.
  4. duanediego

    looks like an old mepps lure.
  5. barracuda Killer

    did yall SEE that? EYE cant believe that. those pics are a real EYE opener.
  6. TROB

    Cuda...that sounds like something travis would say
  7. Tree Doc

    Owwwwwweeee Owwweeeee Owwwweeeee.....fuck...fuck...fuck!

    That's just NASTY!!!!
  8. crazy hawaiian

    There goes my dinner! Where's a trash can when you need one?
  9. Rubberhook2

    Here is a couple more examples...

    DSC02703.jpg 2917_resized (1).jpg
  10. Tree Doc

    Don't you have any Pics of beautiful women hooked in the puss?
  11. dougiestyle

    how old is that lure? damn hicks probly dont know how to cast, the 1 dude was snorting crank when he was wacked in his tackle box... ill take a lure in the nose any day over the eye...
  12. Rubberhook2

    Not in the puss, but...

  13. Tree Doc

    Geeez....that chick must be a weasel. All those hooks have had their barbs removed!
  14. daniel-neill

    She's gotts be some kinda fucked -up to do that.. Jeeze, what a waste...
  15. Tree Doc

    I saw a program on TV the other night where a chick was hooked up just like that picture but she was hanging from wires that were attached to each of the hooks.

    Sick fuckin' people in this world that are gettin' their rocks off on shit like this. What next for them?
  16. socalahi

  17. nellie

    That is a "Spin-a-lure" also known as the "Yellowstone Special"......Deadly on all trout. Hooked my Golden retriever in the back of the throat one time with that lure. Yanked it out with needle nose...You should have some of these in your box if you are heading for the Sierra.
  18. slief

    Wow... Not good.. I heard there was a thread like this floating around... Definatley enough to make me bring an extra pair of sun glasses just in case I loose or break a pair.
  19. Jig Strike


  20. Rubberhook2

    I think the biger issue is casting safety...never take your off the jig until it hits the water. Look behind you as you cast. Don't worry, you will hit the water. You just never know when someone will walk into the area the jig is traveling through...