WCVI August 17 & 18 2012

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    Just got back early from 2 days up at Salmon Beach. We didn't pursue salmon on Friday and just had fun jigging all afternoon. Lot's of lings around and we caught some decent rock fish as well. No hali's for us on Friday. It was nice getting away from the heat on the ECVI and the foggy conditions were welcomed!

    A couple of shots from the weekend.



    Rock fish never cease to amaze me.
    They are so cool looking!


    Who says you can't eat good in camp lol. Spicy scallop sushi cones mmmmm.


    We tried trolling around for a couple of hours on Saturday out at the Wreck and managed one small coho. We decided to bomb closer in and take advantage of the high slack tide and do some hali jigging. Only one in the boat after a couple of hours jigging but it was worth it [​IMG]. 165 feet of water and using a white grub on a spreader bar. My best halibut to date at 51 inches and it took some good runs which made for a fun fight.


    Hopefully we can pick up a few salmon next weekend.



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