Water slide paper

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Good Wraps Bob, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. Good Wraps Bob

    Does anyone use water slide paper on a ink jet printer. If so what was the results.
    Good Wraps Bob[​IMG]
  2. nicktoozoff

    I use a bit of it, and it works a treat!! Just have a look at some of SaltyDawgs builds that incorperate it to see how good a medium it can be in the hands of a master!!!
  3. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Yeah Bob, you just have to make sure and give it a coat of fixative and let it dry real good before you dunk it in water, and give it a good long soak so the decal dosent stretch when you slide it
  4. Good Wraps Bob

    SajtyDawg Do you have any pics.. showing your HP waterslides
    Good Wraps Bob
  5. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

  6. Sir Snagalot

    Wait Bill, you print those on a regular ink jet printer? How do you get gold and silver out of that? And I recall a couple of yours with white decals. You're not using an ALPS printer?
  7. Terry G.

  8. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    I use both ink jet and Alps, gold and metalics are done on the Alps all photo wraps are done on the ink jet
  9. Wafflejaw

    Hey Bob..I use a regular inkjet printer and waterslide constantly..Only in black though as of now...Havent had any luck with color,though Ive havent had much time to play with it.
    But I get very nice results I think
    My method: I print them out..let it dry good..Hit it with a coat of Krylon crystal clear (gloss)...Let it sit under a lamp for about 12 minutes...Do another coat of crystal clear..let dry...Two coats do it for me...Usually the first coat isnt quite enough and I wipe off ink when applying...Never had this issue with two coats.

    I soak them for about 20 seconds..Do a quick swipe off microset on the area Im applying too..and apply and let dry for several hours (rotate under a lamp if Im in a hurry!....I also find the two coats of crystal clear makes them a little more manageable and easier to apply without bunching up imo

    samples :