Wash down pumps

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by lucerunner, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. lucerunner

    I need to install a wash down pump on the boat I just bought.
    Looking at the shurflow extreme pro blaster or a jacob
    Any preferences also can I use the live well intakthanks in advance
  2. ?? fisherman

    Shurflow gets my vote.

    I've owned both Jabsco & Shurflow pumps, and have a Jabsco thats not working right now in my current boat (was in there when purchased). The Jabsco are good pumps, but my personal preference is Shurflows....... they get the nod from me.... mine will be getting replaced with a Shurflow in due time.

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  3. Craven Morehead

    If you can find one with threaded hose connectors, rather than the O-ring fitting, you'll be better off. Those O-ring ones tend to leak and that's no bueno!

  4. ranchero

    yea you can use same intake as the bait. You should post a pick to show folks what you are wotking with, but you should be able to install a tee- for BP on one side and WD on other. Both should thread in. Long as it's balanced and secured. Don't want more leverage from pounding on one side to weaken the bronze though hull at the base. If it breaks below the shut off valve- that blows big time!!! Keep all hosses away from the top of any manual float switches. If any should loosen or break- you don't want them landing/resting on the f-switch

    If you are a boat us member- check their site maybe for proper way to rig WD with the BP