WARNING! Telescopic stern light failure

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by Fishrdan, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. Fishrdan

    If you have a telescopic stern light like this:


    be aware that the wires inside can pull free and stop the light from working.

    Mine is a bit over a year old and the light started to flicker, + wire at the lamp pulled part way out of the crimp connector so I reattached, soldered (thinking to myself, what a shitty design, springy coiled wire constantly pulling on the crimp connector with no strain relief) and it worked for a few trips.

    Well, I launched at 1am last night and,,, no stern light again! WTF, the other end of the wire, at the socket, ripped off their soldered connection. After 1/2 hour trying to fix the POS I was able to fish the wire out of the 1/4" hole, strip it and shove the brass contact back into the plastic plug, trapping the wire and making connection.

    Not only frustrating, but it could pose a safety problem if it happens while your out on the water.
  2. Mfish618

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  4. Humble Pie

    What were you doing launching at 1:00 AM? I am assuming based on your info your in Vegas....not much going on at the Lake Mead at 1:00 am, except in the coves!!

    Hows that water level doing these days...I lived there for 18 years....remember the days when we watched the water flow over the spillways....what a sight!!
  5. Gil Marlin

    You got one of those on your paddle raft??? :food-smil
  6. Fishrdan

    Willow Beach, below Hoover Dam,,, I needed a night light because of all the scary monsters down there....


    I haven't been to Mead this year, but it still looks WAY low, like 100'+-.