Wanted: Benelli M2 Field 20 ga

Discussion in 'Gun Talk' started by SocalKev, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. SocalKev

    After following guys 20 years younger than me up and downhill draggin my heavy ass Winchester semi, its time to even the odds.
    Anyone got an extra Benelli M2 field 20 ga, w/comfortech stock or know where to get a good price on one?
  2. TROB

    you dont see many m2 fields on the used market. everyone seems to keep theirs.

    about $1200 sounds about right for a new model.
  3. SocalKev

    Thats what I thought, must be a decent gun if nobodys given them up!
  4. sdbowunter21

    I used that shotgun for the entire quail season, I thought it was light until I picked up a Benelli 28G Legacy at SHOT Show. The 28G Legacy weighs 4.9lbs!! I hope to have one by next seasons opener....

    However I'm still keeping the M2.....sorry....