Waianae 8/21/10

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by navyaircrew, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. navyaircrew

    Well... my brother and I headed out to Waianae on Saturday morning, early too... got there at 0445... not the only ones that early... Brother a little nervous about going out and not able to see the water conditions... got the boat rigged up, nerves calmed and lures in the water right outside the harbor by 0540 or so... said, i'd take it easy on him... after all, it's all about the fun right? I know i had to calm my nerves, cuase all i've been thinking about is how many different shades of icey blue and blue salmon can ONE guy take! Geez... Slow trolled 7 knots striaght out to the pinnacle... got some good intel from friends here (Thank ya'll very much) and just figured if i ran over the fish, it'll hook itself... so, why blast out offshore... perhaps get lucky...

    well, like i said, lines in the water at 0540... by 0930, found a big pile of birds at 86 degrees @ 22.4 miles out... only one boat working it, looked like they were live baiting, cause at first from a glance, i thought they were hooked up... man, i worked that pile for a good 45 minutes before even another boat showed up... nada... 9s, 7s, 5s... nothing would hit... even had 100lb fluorocarbon leaders on my papa purple heads... zip.... well, 10 boats showed up, i'm outta here... if they don't hit for me, the last thing i wanna see is someone else pull up, drop bait and start hooking into fish.. didn't have any live bait, so left that joing... headed out even more... by this time, wind picking up, sea state picking up, but brother is golden... not scared, more pumped to hook into something, so i test the water... Glenn called me up to give me some more scoop (Thanks yeah) and headed out that way... 32 miles out bout 100degrees along the 1500, i decided, okay, gotta turn around.. it's 1230 and time to head in... INTO the head sea all the way home.. yeah... well, decide to put out the 14" Black Joe Yee lure that i had a decent size marlin on before coming in from CO with my dad three years ago... no sh!t, within 30 minutes or so coming in along the ledge... BAMM... short corner start zinging... brothers jaw drops cause he's never seen line dump that fast, not such a huge splash behind the boat.... about a couple mins later... get a few more lines cleared and boat straight... we see this huge thing jumping in the distance... scramble like crazy to clear the long center rigger and outriggers and finally do so... all lines in, now i can maneuver with ease... brother starts cranking on the reel, after 5 minutes, he's breathing heavy and saying, holy crap man... get the lines pointed directly to the outside of my boat on the starboard side and now i can get a good feel for the fish... show him how to work the reel (already went over training before we left, but of course that was all data dumped!) so, trying to stay calm, i figured, okay dude, this is YOUR fish... i don't wanna help ya, i want you to get this thing... so, DO NOT stop reeling, and tell me what the fish is doing... so, after about 25 minutes, we get the fish very close to the boat, we see the huge silver blob, start to see the sparkle of the swivel... then all of a sudden, it freight trains out and away from the boat... leaps and i'm like, oh yeah, its 300 for sure... fish runs, then ends up straight behind the boat... he ends up having a hard time reeling for some reason, trying to shift from low to high gear and too much slack i guess... POP... off it comes... he keeps cranking on the line thinking it's charging the boat, but sure enough the lure pops up behind the boat and he face is just priceless... so dissappointed, but so tired and confused... i just laughed a little and told him, okay now, that was a drill... next time we'll get him... "welcome to marlin fishing bro" ...

    well, we ended up trolling all the way home... back near CO, right by it, and off to the ledge on the way in.. then by V, and just pulled lines and came in.. back in the harbor worn out at 430PM... ran into Walt and talked shop for a bit, which is always nice... then rinsed the motors a bit and drove home... popped the boat in the water for the Dad's center race and started the day allllll over again at 0500 sunday... thanks everyone for the help... My bro had a blast and even though we didn't bag the fish per say, just to hook one up and crank on it for awhile, was such a great experience with him that we'll always remember... here's the lure we used that worked for us...
    14" Black Joe Yee with orange/pink inner skirt... Was using a Tiagra 80 with 130# line spooled on it...

  2. Morris Lures

    That sucks. But im sure now hes ready for the next 1. I always look at it like there is always next weekend, so if one weekend is bad the next one should be better.

    Thanks for the story. Next time you'll get um!!!
  4. Lady Nolee

    Oh man what a tough day. The main thing this is you guys came in safe and had fun. Hang on to the next one guys, there will be better days. Aloha
  5. Pupule

    Wow, that really was a tough day, but at least your brother got to see some action. His heart must have been racing.

    Nice write up. Thanks for that.
  6. jagerhunchback

    great report as usual scott. marlins, those jokers always break your heart!!!
  7. dausualinc

    Great report Scott, go get em next time
  8. Lokelani Kai

    Hey Scott,Congrats on your catch and release good to see you doing your part to help Green peace.Ha Ha !Thanks for a good report and catch up to you later Al
  9. nodrama

    Hey Scott thanks for the report and good going on getting your bro hooked up, now he's ready for the next one.
  10. JimmyK

    Scott, thanks for your report - Too bad the fish did not cooperate. At least your brother experienced his first strike, but I'm sure the next time will be a real zinger... Tight lines!