WaaTooSee out of the Coral 6/6

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by byeye, Jun 8, 2003.

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  1. byeye

    Frank can post the report on Monday if he has time. The weather wasn't what it was supposed to be and the seas were kinda rough. I can post these pics. It was Frank, Mots, Vermonster and myself on the WaaTooSee. We ended up with 4 albies- all on the troll. Here is the first Albie to hit the deck of Franks new boat, nice and bloody and the fish is slapping. This is the best pic I've taken with this camera, the Albie is off the deck flapping blood everywhere......
  2. byeye

    Nice job Sean. I will say one thing--Mots STAY IN THE DAMNED TRUCK!!!!!LOL
  3. byeye

    Gettin his stuff togther.....
  4. byeye

    Frank looking for his spare liver, ;)
  5. Vermonster

    That was a great pic Mike, mid-air Flap and all.... :D

    Great meeting you and Mots this weekend Mike. ;)

    Here's a couple more...

    Funny, but I even had blood on the camera after I took this shot... :(

    tuna 001.jpg
  6. Vermonster

    Just one of my ugly mug with a tunnie.....

    tuna 002.jpg
  7. Vermonster

    And finally a shot of the BEAUTIFUL WaaTooSee (Awesome ride) with Mots preparing to leave, and on our way to pay the #(&*^ Policia before the Otay POE a little $45 lunch Money..... :mad:
    I believe the reason for being stopped was for Mots "Getting out of the truck" Way to go Mots!!!! ;) :D Seems like that's illegal in Mexico... :rolleyes:

    On a side note, was GREAT to meet about 10 new Bloody Boaters down there. Shelly, Papa J, Blue Water Bound, etc.... Thanks again Frank, I really enjoyed it!!!! :D:D:D

    tuna 003.jpg
  8. Mot's Sr.

    Good post guys, sorry it was so rough, but you did get some albie and blood on the deck, WTGgunz gunz
  9. SeaDawg

    Glad to see you guys got into some fish. :cheers:

    Nice ride!
  10. Saluki

    Way to Go, I heard it was truely "Tuna Hunting" this weekend. Glad to see you guys found some.
  11. Tunaslam

    A good number, beats the hell out of zero. At least we had no blood to clean off the decks, darn. Sure a sweet looking rig, gotta get a ride on that puppy.
  12. Mots

    Hey nice meeting you Frank, Sean. I had a great time. Thanks Frank for getting me my first bert for the season. Coulda been two. Damn farmer mots. Good pic's you guys. Thanks for letting me play with her on the way in.
  13. branman

    WTG Guys. Nice pics and congrats on the first alberts beerbang
  14. midnightrambler

    Frank are you telling me shut eye was up in the morning helping you put the jigs back ?
  15. byeye

    Can you believe it Brian? I had the jig sticks all set up with Franks brand new Tiagra's that he picked up on Fri. Then I actuall stayed up and pulled a shift with Mots. Can you believe it Brian?fuckyou fuckyou fuckyou fuckyou fuckyou ;)
  16. Eye Problem

    Frank that sure is a nice looking ride you have there. I know you were glad to be stylin in the crap conditions Saturday. It was bumpy in WG on the way back home, imagine the ride on all those smaller rigs that made the run:eek: Glad to see you got some blood on the deck, see you next time.:D
  17. TheShark

    Glad you guys got blood on the decks-

    Nice pictures!!! Love the blood!
  18. SpanishMack

    Lets hope this bastards move a little closer up the line so we don't have to do that shit again. And definetly thanks for the dinner invite. I had Waaaaaaaaaaaay to much to drink. Not that thats a bad thing. Just a bit out of character for me.

    Oh PS
    Mots I still love you. Call me honey!
  19. BlueWaterBound

    Frank, It was great to finally meet Sunday at the coral. I was shocked when I sa your boat in my old slip where I did my 90 days.

    Enjoy your stay down there. Most of the time I never fished past the 238 spot and got limits every time as we did this last Saturday. I really felt bad for the guys that ran over the fish and went long in the conditions we had.

    Good luck on the new boat.

    capt. Randy
  20. Vermonster

    "Most of the time I never fished past the 238 spot and got limits every time as we did this last Saturday. I really felt bad for the guys that ran over the fish and went long in the conditions we had"

    Hmmm, let;s see.... On the WaaTooSee this Sat., we went over 200 miles, only got 4 fish for 4 guys, and now find out we could have stayed at the 238???????? :mad:

    Boy Randy, way to kick a guy when he's down!!!!! ;)


    Just kidding, glad to see you guy's got limits, and it was nice to meet you and Papa J. :cheers: