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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by Clay, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Clay

    Looks like it should be a good salmon year in Wa. The sound is holding good silvers and kings right now and the humpys are running up the rivers. Here are some pics of some humpys my bro caught this morning.

  2. barreled4ever

    I was just up in Spokane...then drove to Yakima..then up to Seattle and back down to SOCAL...had fishing pole..but didnt know any good spots along that route? I do alot of business up there..next time i wanna get a guide. Any recommendations? Where is the best place for big salmon?
  3. Clay

    Its a time of year thing for big salmon. Right now the sound has fat kings in anotherfew weeks they will be shooting up the rivers and streams to spawn and die. As far as guides up there I will ask my Bro and see if he knows any. The only thing I know for about the guides up there is they like to charge a pretty penny to put you on a trout...oops I mean salmon.
  4. frijolitos

    Pm me, I'll get you in touch with my dad, maybe he'll get you out. lives in Edmonds, 23ft Grady in the water all year, minutes from salmon. Depending on closures and season there are fish most of the year. He's been doing good on the coho all last week, smallish in the 7-9lb range but some largr ocean fish should move in later in the month. If they don't get too much rain, they should hold in the salt for awhile before blasting up the river, then if there's not alot of rain, the rivers should hold for a good time. It all depends on the water levels that are calling these fish home. I miss the fishing up there alot and lately have entertained the idea of spending more time in my natal land!! heres a few pics of my trip up in july, they had a chinook opener for a few weeks out in front of my dads house so it was pretty cool.

    IMG_8267.JPG IMG_8330.JPG IMG_8336.JPG IMG_8344.JPG
  5. Ali Admin

    Salmon = Trout = Ghey

  6. fishguidebrian

    I'm a guide in Olympia and fish such rivers as the Cowlitz, Chehalis , Wynoochee and more. My fall salmon season is just getting going. Friday we had 4 hard bites, missed 3 hooked the last one and it promptly came un- buttoned. We were fishing King Salmon as the runs just starting in my spots. Here's apic from last year of a 12 year old boy with a40lb King. Itw as alittle dark but who cares when your 12![​IMG]
  7. BiggestT

    Curious, have you ever fished the Sooes River out on the extreme end of the Olympic Peninsula? It's on the Macaw Indian Reservation. I understand that for a $20 license purchased from the Reservation, you can keep as many salmon as you want. You're limited to fishing the first 1/2 mile of the River before they start netting it, but they have a hatchery on the river and manage the fishery for the reservation. There are cabins available to rent on the River. It's pretty isolated and you would have the river to yourself.

    BTW how long is it for the salmon in the streams to go from bright silver to dark as in the picture you posted?
  8. fishguidebrian

    I have fished the Soees out there and it's a waste of time for Salmon as the part you can fish is in tidewater and the fish do not hold there much. The lodging options are nice on the Makah reservation even if the limited river fishing oppertunitys r not so good. As to dark fish, that fish was what we call a "Tule" Chinnook in the Cowlitz River. they are lower river spawners so they can enter the river dark like that. Most Salmon take a week or better to slowly color up.