volvo vs. yanmar diesel

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by uriast, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. uriast

    Thinking of buying a skipjack 262. Looking at two boats. One has a yanmar and the other has a volvo. What diesel do you think would be better. Both boats have duoprop. Heard parts for volvo are very expensive. Havent heard too much about the yanmar. Any answers would be appriciated.
  2. Reel 007

    I repowered my boat with Volvo D4/210 direct drive in 2005, I looked in to the Yanmars and liked what I saw and heard, the Yanmars are lighter and 240 hp compare to Volvo's 210, I got the EVC option and had a few problems with the throttle control at first I now have 130hrs and have had no more problems, little nosier than I would like but over all I am happy (i got a good deal on the Volvos). Have not used the boat much in the last three years. Hope that is of some help.
  3. Double Z

    If either one has common rail injection, it is usually quieter (at lower RPM/idle). Nice if you do a lot of trolling or traveling slow. Hours? Year? It's true that you can put a ton of hours on a diesel but it is also true they don't like to sit. A 5-year-old diesel with 1,000 hours might be in better shape that a 5-year-old diesel with 200 hours.

    You'll probably get a lot of info here and another piece of info is to get a survey.

    I favored the Cummins and was happy with it. Looking back, I might have gone Volvo. I did look at a boat with a Yanmar and did not like the motor. It was loud and smoked a lot. The Yanmar did not have common rail and the Volvo did.
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    I think the weakness may be the Yanmar and outdrive match. Who makes the outdrive that is attached to the Yanmar? With Volvo you have a Volvo engine and a Volvo outdrive. I'm guessing the Volvo on Volvo will give you fewer problems. I'm a 13-year Yanmar owner and I love them, but I have straight shafts.
  5. Double Z

    The combo I tried was a Yanmar to a Merc and it did not run well either. Definitely needed work.
  6. uriast

    Well, thanks for the answers so far. But whitch diesel would you buy if they were the exact same boat.
  7. sportfish1414

    volvo d4... sips diesel
  8. Double Z

  9. pura vida

    The D4 300 for the 26 Skipjack is a perfect fit, leaving plenty of room to service the belts. You'l get 2 + MPG and due about 32 knots while cruising. Yanmar doesn't make an out drive and so you would be working with two MFG's. I owned the 26, and I would have put the D4 in if I kept that boat.

    I can't speak for Yanmar service and warranty, but Volvo has been great with the D6 that I have and I'd go Volvo again.
  10. sickcat

    Yanmar parts are expensive also so parts cost is a wash. More important is the specific engine model basically for the HP to cubic inch ratio. Most important is how each engine has been maintained and as mentioned hours VS the age of engine. Sitting is not good worse thing is poor maintenence. Someone who is no BS and has maintenence records proving good practices would be the first choice.

    For a boat that you'll be spending that much $ on get an engine survey from a factory mechanic on the boat that looks like the best choice.
  11. uriast

    good info. is there a volvo i should stay away from . i heard the 42s are a bad model.
  12. Hooops

    You can buy a 30 with Cummins for a little bit more - dive in - while the gettin is good.