VOLVO TAMD 41 B-200hp Diesel 200hp

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by ranchero, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. ranchero

    can someone tell me anything about this eng. Is it a 6 cyl? Is it an aluminum block engine? Weight?

    did a quick google search but saw no specs.
  2. Knot Now

  3. captamb1


    I have one in my 26skip, inline six, its not al but is sleeved has the ss oil pan, i think it goes 1100 and change I believe it came between the A and the P series 41's
  5. ranchero

    thanks for the links. The PPT diesel site is interesting. Have seen the site, but not this portion.
  6. jmariano

    I have that model, I will try to find my spec sheet
  7. leeoftheisle

    I am looking at a 25' skipjack w f/b with tamd41a Volvo dual prop. When sea trialing at 3800 rpms it was only going 13.5 mph. and would not get up on plane. Anyone have any comments? The bottom does not appear to be dirty.
  8. BiggestT

    All the 41 Series engines are inline 6 cylinder, turbo charged and aftercooled. The TAMD just denotes that it was inboard on a shaft. AQAD DP denotes Aquamatic duo prop drive. The 41A was first in the series. The 41B came next and had slightly different piston crowns and heads to address smoking on cold start-up. There was a 41C, 41D, but I'm not certain there was a complete succession of versions all the way to the 41P, which was the last of the 41 series. As one poster noted, the 41P did not come with the stainless steel oil pan and as such, the oil pans are prone to rotting out on the 41P engine. All the 41 series engines were rated 200 hp, though some say the 41P had slightly more.

    To the poster saying that a Skippy 25 with a TAMD 41A straight shaft that only got 13.5 knots at 3800 rpm, I know of someone who had a Blackman 26 Express with that package and got the same result. He eventually repowered with a 240 hp Yanmar and now cruises 18 knots.
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  9. slydawg

  10. Alfred

  11. piperca

    Follow this link and input the information:

    Engine database : Volvo Penta

    This will tell you everything you'd like to know about the engine.
  12. riverplayer

    Deff props and trim issues......What props and tabs are on the boat?
  13. piperca

    41Ds are rated at 150hp. The highest horsepower in a 41 is 200hp.
  14. sickcat

    The "A" motor had the solenoid controlled exhaust flap which was a misguided attempt to control start-up smoke. It went away with the B motor.

    One of the important things about the 41 (and all Volvos for that matter) is they don't like being over-propped at all. Make sure you can make rated loaded RPM for whatever variant you are looking at!!
  15. Tackle Engineer

    I just pulled and rebuilt my TAMD41P`s. Have a pair in a center console Dusky. There wet sleeve engines and will last forever if your good to them. Have Volvo HS1 hydraulic transmissions that needed a rebuild too. Motor with gear weighs about 1050 lbs. Cost less than re-powering with with Yanmars . Still a small fortune. Word of caution is that the parts are very expensive and Volvo has many proprietary parts . Try 800.00 for a starter and hold on to your nuts when you need a turbo... 3900.00 . I needed a part for a turbo and was lucky to find what i needed for 500.00 . They sell most assemblies complete only.

    As sickcat said: One of the important things about the 41 (and all Volvos for that matter) is they don't like being over-propped at all. Make sure you can make rated loaded RPM for whatever variant you are looking at!!

    Very true, I'm turning 17:22 4 bladed fans, Will run 30 mph at WOT 3900 rpm 1.5 to 1 reduction. Cruise all day at 3200 and 25 mph . The hull design just wont let her go over 30 but she rides like a ship and is very sea keeping.

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  16. moorefish

    I have a AQAD41A in my 25 FB skip that weighes 8000 to 9000-lbs. Running 290 DP with A3's. Oversized trim tabs are a must. I'm presently going through a full engine rebuild. Your WOT with this rig under load should be around 3800 to 3950 rpms and you should be making 24 to 27-kts. Are you getting lots of black smoke? I'f so might suggest looking at the turbo, injectors, then perhaps onto the fuel injection pump as the culprit. Aftercooler core clean?
  17. BiggestT

    That is correct. I have the 31A and I'm using the B model exhaust elbow and have completely eliminated that solenoid. I get about 10 seconds of white smoke on a cold start-up.
  18. BiggestT

    Mike, you're performance will be much better as you're on the 290 DP outdrive and he's on a straight shaft. I don't think the drop off in performance should be as bad as he's described, but definetely not the numbers you're seeing.
  19. moorefish

    Good points Steve. I overlooked the shaft factor. Happy Easter.
  20. saltwaters

    The 41A was the first model of this generation of engines. Only had 16.5 compression ratio, which makes it a cold engine white smoke bomb. I smoked out all of Avalon on a cold winter morning when I fired it up. Even though it was rated at 200 hp some people said 188 was more realistic due to the low compression ratio.

    The 41B was the next generation of the engine and made much more power. This is the engine some people say made 210 hp. Higher compression ratio (17.5) and different pistons, injectors and such eliminated the cold engine white smoke problem.

    The engine had a long life and was offered in a D, H, P and P-A models all rated at 200 hp. Over the years Volvo made improvements to the engine, mostly external stuff like eliminating the hard pipes replacing them with hoses.

    The engines weigh around 1100 to 1150 pounds depending on the gear or outdrive combination. the blocks and head are cast iron. Many of the other parts are made of aluminum to save weight. they are sleeved and the cylinders can be replaced if needed. Good engines when taken care of. This is the key, taken care of. It is important to do the annual maintenance.

    A 25 skipjack with a 41A should have an early Duo-prop drive. I'm not familiar with outdrives but I know they came with several gear ratios. the gear ratio is important for proper prop set selection. This boat should run at least 25 kts at 3800 rpms. If it turns 3800 rpms and only goes 13.5 kts you have a problem. Check for a spun prop, the gear ratio and prop set. Check the boat weight too. this thing should weigh less than 8,000 pounds (just a guess).

    Good luck