Volvo penta 260 Motor (cheap)

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by CaptnJD, Nov 14, 2004.

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  1. CaptnJD

    Converting to Diesel power. Have a complete, good running (NO SMOKE) Volvo Penta 260 motor for sale. Its youre basic GM 350 V-8. Its a 1987 with approximately 1800 hrs on it and been well maintained. Newer Holley Carb, petronixs electronic ignition+ spare filters, cap and rotors ect... First $300 takes it.
  2. EL JEFE

    JD if you don't sell and are willing to take $100.00, I'll take it. Is it RW cooled? If so, what condition are the manifolds and risers?



  3. CaptnJD

    The manifolds and carb alone are worth the $300. Yes it is raw water cooled. Always flushed with flush kit and Saltaway regularly.
  4. EL JEFE

    What's your bottom line on the engine?
  5. Mot's Sr.

    Geees, Dude, give him the $ 300.00 man, thats a hell of a deal, we spent about $ 9000.00 on ours a couple of years ago, just the carb is worth the $ 300.00 probably, not including all the other stuff......

    Just my .02
  6. CaptnJD

    The mechanic said its worth at least $1,000.00 and has an interested buyer already. So I guess that I need to retract my Post/Deal..... Sorry to get your hopes up, but I gota grab what I can if ya know what I mean..
  7. EL JEFE

    Captn JD

    I should have offered you the $300 and been done with it-my fault!! It is a more than fair deal. If your deal doesn't go through, contact me and I'll pick it up. Sorry for the procrastination and low offer. I'm a little short right now, but I can manage the $300.00. With some recent engine troubles it may come in handy.