Volvo Penta 250 (AQ151) with 290 outdrive

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by jimikinz, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. jimikinz


    I'm looking at a boat with this motor and outdrive in it. I've been an outboard powered guy with every other boat I've had, so I don't know shit about this stuff. What can you guys tell me about the set-up? The stock dual carburators have been replaced by a single 2bbl from the way I understand it.

    Performace, reliability, MG, etc...any info would be great.
  2. Az.monkey

    I have a 23' with a 250, AQ151 and a 270 outdrive. We get good mpg and top out at 24 kts with a full load at 4500 rpm. easy to work on and we still have the 2 carb setup and just repowered with the same engine after over 5000 hrs and a lightning hit that screwed us big time. Don't know much about the carb conversion tho
  3. EricFos

    I'm a Volvo nerd...

    I can tell you that the AQ151 is a 2.5 liter single overhead cam 8 valve 4 cylinder... It has the 531 head casting, which is the same head casting used some Volvos in the European market select years. Superior casting than the 160 and 398 (these will be on AQ131 engines). It's a "redblock" whose same basic design went from the early 1960s through the mid-90s. Irv Gordon has an earlier engine from the series with over 2 million miles on it.

    The closest kin to it would be the B230 automotive engine.. Which derived from the B23, which derived from the B21, which derived from the pushrod B20, which came from the B18, then the B16. It's basically the final step in the redblock evolution before Volvo switched to all DOHC and alloy blocks.

    One nice thing about this is that you can go to a junkyard in a pinch and get some parts off of virtually any Volvo from 1976-1994... For probably less than 5% of what a new marine part would cost. Though, you are getting a used automotive part and not a new marine part.

    I'll stop rambling now, as my knowledge isn't really exactly what you need anyway LOL
  4. iclypso

    We've had a few Volvo engines, both gas and diesel. Eric subtly brings up a good point: new Penta parts are $$$. In general, the engines are well-built and run a long time with the proper maintenance but if they do go down, parts aren't cheap.

    I have a AQ151 (aka Volvo Penta 250) and did the conversion from Solex Twin Carbs to the Weber BBl. - it's a solid engine and with the conversion +++++
  6. Hi, Eric,
    Could you please advise me where I can get tuning information for this engine? I have two on my Sealine ambassador, and I am having difficulty in synchronising them, as one of them starts to slow down till it stops (could be either engine). I have replaced the fuel lines as I was drawing air from a crack in the hose. This improved starting as it eliminated the air lock. I need carb tuning info, points gap and timing, also plug gaps. Any info will be more than I have now, and most welcom.
    Cheers, Harry