Video from Alberta trip

Discussion in 'Winged Hunting Reports' started by Fresh One, Oct 31, 2005.

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  1. Fresh One

  2. Genelie

    AWESOME, so what did you do with all the meat??
  3. Zoomer

    Kool Vids..You shoot or see many 10ga. in the field?
  4. Fresh One

    Brought back a possession limit of 16 geese. I got the breasts off the bone and frozen at this point. Waiting for my jerky and sausage kits to arrive and then I'll be making jerky and sausage out of it. These were all lesser Canada geese so they aren't the big ones, probably about 30% bigger than a large mallard. 5 - 6 pound birds
  5. Fresh One

    Nope, I shoot a Benelli SBE 2 in 12 ga. We shot 3 inch shells up there. Most shots were within 30 yards and many were within 15. I don't see too many 10 gauges. They have a place but its more of a specialty gun IMO. For longer range shots and using HeavyShot, the 10 can reach out there and kill them.
  6. TheShark

    SWEETTTTT Job!!!!

    Great bunch of pic's!!!

    Was it a great trip or what? Is it what you expected?
  7. BluefinCurly


    I just ground some honker breast from last season (w/ 20% beef suet) and made ravioli and everybody flipped.

    I also watched a program with Sean last weekend from Alberta and it looked awesome.
  8. Fresh One

    Yeah, it was a great trip. The first day we didn't do much shooting (lots of bird watching) but the second and third day more than made up for it. The third day was insane. I had 2 triples on the geese that morning.

    It was a super trip. Next time, I'll go earlier in September to get a crack at the giant honkers and specs.
  9. Fresh One

    What is beef suet? I was planning to cut the goose with 30% ground beef or pork sausage to give it some fat content and cut the goosiness down some. I just got my jerky seasonings and sausage kits in the mail so I am all ready to experiment.

    One of Sean's guides cooked us a meal one evening that was excellent. He made goose parmesean that I swear was one of the best things I have ever eaten. Better than veal parmesean you'd get in a restaurant. He also made a snow goose stir fry that was out of this world. Its all in knowing how to cook the game.
  10. Sluester

    Sick...just sick! :High_Five
  11. el Toro

    Brent, beef suet is fat. I've got a few pounds in my freezer. I usually buy it already ground from Siesel's Meat in Bay Park. It's way cheaper that ground beef or pork sausage.
  12. Fresh One

    OK, thanks. I need to get down to Siesel's. I hear the place is the shiznit for meats.
  13. Fresh One

    Yeah, I'd like daily blowjobs too but that ain't gonna happen :rofl:

    Just kidding. If you make it down here after Thanksgiving, I'll be up to my eyeballs in duck, venison and goose jerky/sausage. You are welcome to some.