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Discussion in 'Household Electronics Tech Talk' started by SStevens, Feb 5, 2012.

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  1. SStevens

    What video editing software are most of you using with your GoPro Cameras. Just picked up a GoPro and wanting to try some video editing with sound, special effects and such. Thanks
  2. Rocketscyther

    I use Pinnacle Studio Ultimate version 15... user friendly software.
  3. UnReel

    Just got a GoPro Hero2 myself a couple weeks ago and I'm using Adobe Premier and its pretty sweet and easy to use. Got a couple videos on the freshwater reports board if you want to check'em out. Also, my son is using Adobe Premier to edit skateboard vids with using his Cannon digital camera so its not just for gopros.

    good luck and enjoy the gopro,
  4. Stoughty Rods

    I just got a GoPro as well and shot some footage this weekend and want to make a movie. What computers are you guys using? I'm using a iMac and the iMovie editing software seems very basic. I can't figure out how to put the video in slow motion or a faster play mode. Am I missing something or does the iMovie not have these options? It seems like I have to buy some software as well. Curious to know if you guys with this software are running Macs or PC's.
  5. Zombie

    I have a Mac and currently just use the IMovie software that came with it. Not the best but it's easy to edit and add music to your video.
  6. boomboom213

    I use adobe premier also.

    It handles the most video formats I think out of all the software out there.

    My main reason to go with adobe premier.
  7. fisher3

    Final Cut Pro for iMac is a really cool software, ther's a ton of effects that you can use. I highly recomend it!
  8. Hooops

    Ditto - iMovie is a great learner prior to final cut as well.
  9. cliff_fishes

    My favorite is TraxAxPc,a one time fee of $24.95 You can add a video inside of the video and a lot of other editing capabilities. This is the only software that can add a video inside another video. My friend was using his camera video and I had my goPro on my head. My video can be seen here.
  10. bman440440

    premere will do that too
  11. Alibi Two

    Santa brought me a go pro also. What software for a PC seems to work the best. I've used MPEG stream clip but not that happy with it. I can't seem to download to youtube after Ive edited it, but haven't played with it too much.
  12. rodngun762

    I just use windows live movie maker. its free and it came with the gets the job done for editing, basic effects, music etc.
  13. gonzo25

    X2 Started with studio 9 years ago.. this is easy to use, I am using it on a pc.
  14. cliff_fishes

    My buddy has Adobe Premier Element 9 that he paid $70.00, he and I can't figure how. He said we would need the full premier for $700.00. Much cheaper paying $24.95 one time only and you can put a video inside the other video and time them right to come out good. Also use window live also, its great!
  15. Alibi Two

    Thanks everybody, I'll give the windows live a try.