(Video) 1 bean, and one nut..... is tourist season over yet?

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by Shaka760, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. Shaka760

    Lots of Corbina, very spooky.... Got one to go..... Highlight was the crazy lady that asked me to move because "The fisherman" were in the way of her 2 goofy kids that were boogie boarding.... I was there first, I only fish about 10 yds. out, I was fishing a specific area were nobody was (you can see how empty the water was in the video), there was 100+ yds. of empty beach to either side of me where her kids could swim, yet I was "inconveniencing" her because she couldn't watch her kids from the patio of her beach rental... WTF???!!! I didn't get the whole incident on camera, but you can get the point.... I wish I was more of an asshole, LOL!!! I could've ripped her a new one!!!!! She even asked if I had a license...... Must be a PETA/MLPA lover:rofl:

  2. Sun Tzu

    Cool video. Thanks for the post. You SHOULD have ripped her a new one. You are a polite man my friend!!
  3. FishinArmo

    Wow great video bro, and way to keep your cool.
  4. dnichols36

    You handled it well. Props to you. That kid may be a future fisherman.
  5. rza007

    Nice vid. Shoulda smoothed talked the bitch to the bedroom and help watch the kids with her.
  6. tmoola

    Great vid! I never see beans in the skinny. Only time I actually saw fish in the surf were sngf.
  7. Shaka760

    Thanks guys! I probably could have said a lot more, but I was literally stunned when she walked down to the water!!! There was nobody around, she actually startled me!!! LOL!!!
  8. Kelpbedhead

    Great job! Nice video.
  9. Gil Marlin

    Surf fisherman make too much noise and block the view... :D
  10. Elitetv1958

    I think they should build a sound wall on the beach for her. Those noisy waves probably kept her up all night!
  11. Aggro

    What a cunt.
  12. Gil Marlin

    Kurt, that's an improper reaction... didn't you learn anything about anger management from Shaka's video??? :rofl:
  13. la vida

    You have the Patience of a saint.
    Great clip Thanks
  14. Aggro

  15. tap BD Writer

    Nice job. You were a gentleman reacting to an irrational person who probably has a very poor image of fishermen and a clueless idea of the "danger" we present. Hopefully her kids will go on long hikes and fish without her because she is clearly overprotective.

    That "summer" surf is great for spotting corbina and other fish-lots of clear spots in the sun.

    Tony Peña
    "The Roving Angler"
  16. Sherm

    Some people just want to be un happy. You handeled it very well. No sense in stooping to her level.
  17. Tehburninator

    Agreed with what everyone else said. Lady is a kook! You should take me out sometime for a personal surf fishing seminar :) have yet to catch a beana :)
  18. Laguna80

    Lol at "Ma'am I've been fishing all my life and have never hooked someone." Course if you started spot casting for humans, that might be a different story.
  19. swamppeople

    Excuse me BITCH!!!!!!!!!! Get back in your rental before I hook your sorry ass and throw you out as bait! Unbeleivable! I am so glad I watched your video. Nice fish, kid was cool, nice conditions, stupid ass bitch! Typical renter at the beach. they think they own the beach too!!!!! Get back east lady! Where you belong! Every time I fish Carlsbad/ Ponto people are so nice and are curious. Thats what makes it fun! F.T.Bitch!
  20. Bench Fisherman

    Outstanding Craig !!!