Verizon in Cabo and PV?

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by Double Z, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. Double Z

    I will be in Cabo in a couple days and be there for two then off to PV for a day. Is there something I need to do with Verizon?
  2. Tues

    Call Verizon...
  3. Double Z

    Did that. Just making sure that's it and other cautions for Mex. I've had a few nice surprises while making calls or receiving calls from the Coronado's but that's been a while.

    Verizon just called me back. Yep, phone will be in airplane mode or off while on the ship.
  4. mutu0069

    If you have a smart phone, make sure your data roaming is OFF/disabled! Or you will rack up $$$$$$$$
  5. Matrix

    Was in La Paz in March and had Verizon add the Mexico plan to my account. Turned data roaming off to avoid any data charges and was good to go. Made calls and sent and received text messages without any issues.
  6. pauladams

    Your on vacation , leave the phone at home been living in mexico for years dont own one ( never will ) have fun an catch some fish you wont miss the pain in the ass calls , you can always return them when you get home
  7. Fishybuzz

    Great advice!!!
  8. CaptMakoMateo

    Rent a cell phone with unlimited MX minutes from cost is $79.00 per week. it guves you a US area code so friends can call no extra charges. You can rach up a $79 dollar bill super fast using your Verizon phone even with the Mexico Verizon plan. Message me if you have questions.
  9. thefishkiller

    I have the Verizon Mexico plan..costs me an extra twenty bucks a month and I can use all my regular 800 minutes for calls in Mexico or to Mexico.. No roaming or any other fees. Definitely cheaper than buying a 80 dollar prepaid Mexican phone. Data on the other hand is quite expensive. I pay an extra 30 a month for it but only get 100 MB of data transfer. Nice thing about Verizon is they don't charge you for changing you plan. Call up the day before your trip and add the Mexico plan. Then upon your return change the plan back, you will only pay the prorated rate for the days you are on the plan.