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Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by http404, Jun 8, 2005.

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  1. http404

    If Verizon deploys their new Fios (fiber optic) DSL service in your area jump on it, it fookin screams, latency is almost non existent. Better, cheaper, what more could you want. Now I have to wait for the rest of the net to catch up. Really easy to see who has the slow servers now. Happy to report that BD is loading just as snappy as always.

    The basic package is 5Mbps inbound 2Mbps outbound, 35$ a month.

    The 15/5 plan is 48$ (er, something).

    And check this, you can get up to 200Mbps if you want. zooooooommm!

    Not many areas have it yet. Menifee, Murrieta, a small section of Temecula(mine, hehe), and a few other cities in So Cal. But they're going to town on the roll out so it should be avail in most areas soon.
  2. MORGS

    here is an article i read a while back with some more info about it.

    Verizon's Fios
  3. Rob E

    I'm in the telecom construction business and have built & spliced some of the Fios infrastructure.

    Unfortunately, Verizon has cut the construction prices so drastically that we can no longer afford to participate in the, I hope the service is cheap!

    SBC is deploying a similar service, dubbed "Project Lightspeed".

    Both Verizon & SBC are planning to offer Internet, Phone & TV service and expect to take back much of the marketshare that the CATV companies have obtained in the last few years. Since I build these systems, I hope they bring the construction prices back up to what they were five years ago.

    Most communities should have access to this service over the next 3-5 years.


    BTW I'm looking for foreman, laborers and operators experienced in the telecom construction industry. Most of our work is in OC, SBDO, Riv, LA and SD. Shoot me a PM if you, or someone you know has experience and is looking for a job.
  4. http404

    I know what you are saying. The contractor who did the boring for the main lines looked like a low grade operation. Looks like they had Weisker doing the drops though. Guess they needed a little more quality working on the customers premises.

    Thanks for giving BDers the opportunity at the jobs.

  5. Rob E

    I wish I could say that quality was a consideration. Unfortunately, it has come down to the bottom line and they're trying to get a Mercedes for the price of a Volkswagen. Anyone that can come up with the insurance can sign a direct contract with Verizon, which really is a slap in the face to the contractors who have supported their systems all of these years. There's just not enough money being offered to staff and support these types of projects the way they should be.

    There are numerous unlicensed and somewhat unqualified out-of-state contractors doing the work. Understandebly so, most of the homeguards have declined the UG work due to the low price.

    I hope it changes soon. Meanwhile, the SBC work is going well.

  6. Hirize

    Rob E,

    Your in luck!!!

    In 2 to 5 years they will most likely have to redo all the crappy work with "craftsmen" like yourself and then pay a higher than going rate.
    Just wait it out you'll end up having them pay you what you want someday......:)

    I have seen it over and over in the construction trades and they never learn.
    Always some young whipper-snapper looks only at the bottom line and pays for it later.......

    Aloha, Pete