Venice offshore report

Discussion in 'Louisiana Fishing' started by Capt. Jerry, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. Capt. Jerry

    WHAT A DAY!!!!
    After getting blown out Saturday and thinking
    Sunday was going to be the same way we left the
    dock a little later than normal praying that the
    seas would lay just a little.
    I had the pleasure of having Capt "One Eye"
    crewing for me, and we decided that we should
    get our
    AJ's first hoping for the seas to lay.
    We made bait in no time and rolled into AJ land.
    "One Eye" put the first live one on, sent it down
    about 150 ft, and about 30 seconds later we were
    After putting this AJ in the boat we reset and 30
    seconds later we were on again!!
    Things are looking good for sure especially when
    we were not sure we would even get off shore.
    With our limit of AJ's on the boat we headed
    offshore in search of
    Tuna. We had our plans on
    where we were going to go but they when we ran
    into wall of Frigates it was pretty obvious
    something was up. We hung out under the
    Frigates with a live well full of baits and waited. It
    didn't take long and Tuna were all around us
    busting "crack". One Eye and I both put baits in
    the water, and they both got CREAMED! One
    pulled loose and the other went in the ice hole!
    We stayed with the Frigates and the Tuna till it
    was time to go.
    We wound up with 5 Yellows and 3 -4 Blacks.
    Lots of fun and a great ride home. The seas finally
    laid down and we were able to run home at 45
    Picks will come later!

    Capt Jerry Allen
  2. brantc

    Outstanding....looking forward to the pics.