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  1. laderwell

    Well thanks for all the help everyone,

    We headed out last Sunday after getting are G-11 tags and licenses and began our 4 1/2 hour trip North to Vandenberg Air Force Base just past Lompoc California. The trip did have entertaining times as we snapped a shot of a van full of teenagers with a piece of pizza, a papa john's pepper and a dlldo swinging away on there radio antenna for some reason ? IDK..
    Finally we found are way to the Conservation Office on base and was wide awake by the great hunting scenery all around, hundreds and hundreds of Acres. We finally received our Base Hunters Permits and was off to a camp ground called Fam Camp in the C-3 region. We where expecting it to be crowded but it was empty, and looked like it has not been used in some time. Set up camp and did some scouting with my son then hit the sleeping bag to get some ZZZ'S, which was hard do to over excitement of opening day.
    OPENING DAY, 0500 woke my boy up in 41 degree weather and was off. As day broke and the first ray of sunshine my son spots a spike in front of us. We watched him for a bit and then pops out another spike.
    As it was great to see and had our adrenaline pumped out I had to focus on the real purpose a large buck and Doe for meat. A few minutes later my boy spots 3 does. I had the perfect shot but did not want to that soon. Well.... I changed my mine was over excited, lost my perfect shot, fired and missed. (Take it from me Brothers and Sisters if you have a clean shot take it). Well we headed back down the rim and met my buddy who shot a Doe and headed back to Camp. We straight turned this Once Family Camp into a straight Deer Camp as we got busy skinning and quartering. I gave the boys a hack saw and a pocket knife and Man ! I tell you, they thought they where all grown up...
    Back to another spot I found they where coming in and out of and sat in a tree my son talked me into that evening and waited. Shot at two toward there head and missed on there trot across a road. Well after awhile my buddy came up and ruined our spot so me and my boy took off to a field break out of some oak trees.719 Here she comes and stops .My heart races as I raise my 30-06 at 120 yards and pow $$$ dropped her
    We let her finish for a couple of seconds then walked up and began to gut her. A little disappointed in her size 65lbs Cleaned, meat is meat right ? and i need it. Also the lead free hollow ammo we had to use blows frickin baseball size exit holes so make sure you hit your deer in the head or front shoulder/heart or you will blow the meat into fertilizer. Head back to check her in around 900 and almost hit about 5 deer and a huge 200 lb estimated hog that crossed the road. Hogs are there everyone signs everywhere but we only see them at knight time.
    Packed up and exhausted after three days of butchering three does, day and night , fierce flies and tics ,we headed back home and began processing the dynamite jerky.
    I encourage all eligible personal to take advantage of this great place and the best thing I visiond all these years for was to take my son , and it finally was time,

    Good luck this year to all you hunters. No i need to find Dorado out in the ocean.

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  2. Warwick

  3. Fizzle

    laderwell - Congrats, I sent you a PM.
  4. rooster707

    Yeah VAFB is a lot of fun. Never a dull trip for me the last almost 6 years. Going back sometime next week, what areas did you explore? What was the buck count for the base so far? On the 24th the G11 tag becomes doe only.
  5. Vermonster

    Looks like you all had a good time! Congrats! :cheers:
  6. Rocket Dog

    Is it a military only place?
  7. sportyg

    Well done VBAF is a good hunt to get congrats..

    As I recall it is military, retired military & DOD only..
  8. Sea 2'er

    Sounds like a great time. Planning on taking my 13 year old up there this year. Retired USAF. Thanks for the info.