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Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by Griz, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. Griz

    I just got my mitts on 3 reels. An old 30, 50 and a newer 50tw. The old 30 and 50 don't have a T or an S. They are all on ok shape and still function. Since no one in Hawaii is worth a shit when it comes to reel repair/service and forget about upgrades. Who do you guys use to service your gear? I'm not talking about a pimped out Cal's unit. Just general service and maybe get the old 30 and 50 beefed up a bit.

    Mainly I want to get some smaller stuff set up for my son. Mom said when he is 4 he gets to go out on the big boat with dad. We'll wait for our 1st father son LR trip till he's 5.
  2. 2380MIKE


    The best I have found with reels is Ken's Custom reel. He is located in Oceanside, Ca and can be reached at: 760-967-REEL. Email kencorwin@cox.net. Good luck.
  3. alantani

  4. Griz

    Thanks guys.

    I'd really like to attack the reels myself and your tutorials are awesome. But between 2 kids, endless house projects and a boat business that needs way more time than I have... it's better to have a pro do it.

    Thanks again
  5. PescadorJim

    Try Michael Grossman, 19528 Ventura Blvd #432, Tarzana, Ca 91356
    He is known as Hawk and is the web facilitator on www.allcoastsportfishing.com under the tackle forum.
    One of the best of the best.
  6. Baja Dreamer

    I'd offer but I'm already backed up to about 30 custom rods on the board and around 20 or so reels to service.

    Ken's or Michael Grossman, either one will do you right!


  7. Steve K

  8. Fishslayer

    What Steve said! Get back to work!!:nutkick:


  9. Baja Dreamer

    I would but some asshole from Bishop keeps takin' up my afternoons whenever his lame assed employer brings him to town!: _portable


  10. Baja Dreamer

    Well you can just.... a...aaaa......AAHhaaaaa......................AAAACCHHOOOO.....AAACCHH(fuckyou)OOO...AACHOOO..AAAAAAACCHHH(eatme)OOOOO.............sniff, snort.....aaaAAACCHHH(upyours)OOOOooo............cough, cough...sniff.

    Whew! Oh man, that was a good one!

    Now what was that you were you saying? :D