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  1. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser

    A few months ago I posted several things like,"You have not seen anything yet" and Blaa blaa blaaa.

    Porpise(sp) are holding just like I said they would this year. SOmeguys even remember a few tricks like the glitter, and thats working out for em. Im glad everyone is catching. Its great to see guys in a stop, from above and see fish under them. Pretty cool, Its what sportfishng is all about. Couple guys nailing fish miles from anyone, well guess what?????

    Fish from Colonet, out from 25 miles to san diego and north, thats what. I told ya , you have not seen anything yet. This large body of fishi is moving towards US waters, you guys should have a blast and it is no where near over. REMEMBER THIS,, Just because the sportboats stop running, dont mean there is no fish. There is just no passengers left, everyone is fished out.

    This next wave that is coming, is a big one. Within a week, we SHOULD see a major blowup of fish counts for local boats. Plenty, and I mean plenty of Mahi Mahi are still around, Leave the bull hanging in the water and catch more fish. However by now I,m sure more and more guys want Yellowfin Tuna, there coming. Right now we see small pockets BEHIND porpise, (tail end of em)these fish are runnning small as you guys know.
    HOWEVER, bigger fish are moving north everyday, Guys try not to get all pummped up here but the stuff is coming and bigger fish too.

    Hope everyone had a great time so far this year, the best is yet to come for sure.. Spool Up and good luck, I will try to post more on this next run of fish that is coming.. OUT.....
  2. aclemieux

    Tommy, could I put an order in for this Saturday? J/K. Thanks for your reports. Pretty hard not to get pumped up hearing that stuff. Much appreciated as always.
  3. DOS MAS

    Thanks for the info, This is good to hear!
  4. BigJoe

    Thanks for the update, good information here I hope I get to weigh some of those tuna for the MAW this year :)
  5. SAGE

    I'm Shaking !! This could get epic.
    We saw many big flashes of 50-60lb lb fish under birds last Saturday...just could'nt get them to go.
    Many thanks Tommy, great post

    ?? Question Tommy, is this newer body of fish associated with the warm plume of water pushing up from the lower 500's ?
  6. ConSeaMate

  7. reel fun

    thanks for the dope tommmy
  8. ReelGem

    Tommy are the seiners still all hanging around or are they pretty much gone? Thanks for the scoop!
  9. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser

    LOTs of warm water heading this way.
  10. saltydogmr

    This is exactly what I wanted to read first thing this morning as my friends and I are leaving on a 2 day tonight. Thanks for the great report:appl:I will report results Fri. nite or Sat. morning. GOD this is going to be a long day.
  11. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser


    There is that much right now and more coming
  12. saltydogmr

    Day just got longer.
  13. Ali Admin


    Please keep the info coming...
  14. Monday Clubber

    Sounds like the all girls trip on the Holiday will be smokin' this year!!!
    Come on fish. . .
  15. ConSeaMate

  16. Fintimanator

    Tommy's right on target. He's letting out some very good info. I'am out on the water every day and see these fish comming up the line. He's right you have not seen nothing yet. And just in time M.A.W. . Tight lines and good luck to all.
  17. BabyGiant

    Thanks for the update
  18. SAGE

    Cool,looked that way from what areas i could see on the SST's. Thanks for the come-back Tommy. We'll try and go deep this Sat/Sun.
  19. il delfino

  20. sealskinner

    Tommy, thank you soo much for the timely info.