Twilight trip friday night on the Dolphin

Discussion in 'California Fishing Reports Forums' started by basser, Apr 8, 2004.

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  1. basser

    this friday night we are starting to run twilight trips on the Dolphin and since the yellows have been comeing up last minute on the PM trip I think the Twilight trip is gunna get em. Is anyone else gunna go out?
  2. JTAP


    Are you that kid that was learning the ropes of the Anchor yesterday? Are you going to be a deckhand now?
  3. basser

    yeah that was me, ive been a deckhand for a while its just i was never the main deck on a trip and never had to pull the anchor and now that im working twilights im going to be the only deck hand on the boat so i gotta learn how..................BTW that anchor is a fucking BITCH! a 100lb anchor with no pucker!
  4. JTAP

    A big boat like that needs a big Anchor, be careful with that thing. One bad move and it can mess you up. It seems like it will get easier once you get your timing down. Seaforth got really lucky yesterday as they were headed for home and then got that huge boil right next to them. I will probably do some Friday or Thursday twilight trips starting next month.
  5. basser

    o i know that thing can fuck you up, this guy john thats works on the boat nearly cut his hand off with the cathead.

    jimmy i might have to come out and see what its all about!!!
  7. JTAP

    John probably would have just kept working. He is the most intense and hardest working deckhand I have ever seen. I have been on the boat with him so many times and have never seen him fish. Does he like to fish?