Tunahead to build retirement boat..follow the tuna

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Tunahead, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Tunahead

    I've had it driving to San Diego, chasing tuna, sitting on the troll
    for hours on end, I've decided to retire all the way and build my
    own house boat and FOLLOW THE TUNA, fish when I want to! LOL
    Now I'll be able to troll from the pool, or with a beer on the lower rail!!
    I'm having outriggers installed to troll from the sides too!
    You all can visit sometime if I get close enough to land!! :rofl:

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  2. harryo

    Hey Tunahead, nice yacht. the cockpit is a little small, but as you say, you can put rod holders on the rail surrounding the pool. If I ever sell my Hatt, I'll consider investing in your boat.

  3. Tunahead

    You got it Harry, anytime buddy! LOL
  4. glib

  5. Torrance local

    You forgot to show the stern.......loading and unloading only....It's truley the best money can buy.
  6. Puddlin Jack

    You stole this photo from Pacific Tuna Ventures!

    This is their new vessel where you catch tuna all day and relax poolside in front of your private cabana.

    Its a moneymaking venture since you profit from your catch when it is sold!

    Since the cat's out of the bag, I also heard they just need 5 general partners at $25,000 and 25 limited partners at $5000 each. Everything else is already in place!

    Who's in?
  7. Mfish618

    Oh that's just great Ron. Now I'll have you to dodge at night as well as the pen boats. LOL
  8. Johnny J

    You will need a poolguy, I've been doing it for 15 years.:rofl::rofl:
  9. wildbunch

    I hope one of those "grass" huts is a greenhouse. You will need a big supply of "SECRET WEAPON" to follow the tuna all season...:rofl::rofl:...............MOFO
  10. Can't Parker

  11. Tues

    Google is your friend. Fraud...

  12. Tunaslam

    When dreams come true!
  13. Tunahead

  14. Tunahead

    Hell maybe you and Scott will sign on as Captains??? :rofl:
  15. spun monkey

    Do you need a maintenence man - will trade work for fish time....
  16. Tunahead

    Let's see, we got 2-3 Captains, a pool man, a couple cababa pimps,
    Maint. man, HEY we need to recruit more babes...HEY SALUKI...YOU IN????:rofl:
  17. w2much

    Thanks for the report
  18. tinbinder67

    Ron, it could get a little messy when that volcano occasionally erupts... LOL
  19. Tunahead

    No problem ....that's the pool heater...!!! :rofl:
  20. DoubletroubleII

    Spotted a flaw........the bait tank on the bow doesn't have a swim up bar.