Tuna Ted (Ted Windham) passes at 65

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by Ike L Fish, May 23, 2012.

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  1. Ike L Fish

    Our sport has lost one of the greatest guys one could ever hope to have as a friend. Ted Windham (Tuna Ted) died yesterday evening after a long and painful battle with cancer. He was 65. Throughout his ordeal Ted maintained a positive attitude and only complained about the important things like missing the past two cow seasons! I can honestly say that I am not only a better fisherman for having fished with Ted I am a better man for having known him. He was simply a great friend and an inspiration in so many ways.

    Our friend Kyle‘s (FishSupreme) post on facebook today:

    RIP Ted Windham. 

Marine, Outdoorsman, Athlete, Wine Connoisseur, World Traveler, Chef, Patriot and friend to all. 

Ted was a renaissance man who loved life more than most and lived every day as if it were his last. He positively influenced all around him and in the end gave his life for our country enduring various forms of cancer over the last six years related to his time in Vietnam. 

As was his nature, he never gave up and always spoke of the things he will be doing and the trips he will be going on when he kicks this latest bout. He beat it two times but this last bout was even bigger than him. Last night he passed quietly.

He is sorely missed by friends and family and will be for a very long time. I will always be grateful for the time I spent with Ted and the support and knowledge he shared with me. He was a great friend. Thank you.

Semper Fi
  2. pk ripper

    Rip Ted
  3. wahoodad

    Ted was indeed one good dude. I certainly will miss him. We didn't fish together often, only a couple of times on the same trip. But he was always upbeat, even while battling the disease that took him out. Always a warm hello, good strong handshake, and a huge smile.

    I know I will certainly miss his presence, and leave some cows for me in the next world Ted! RIP
  4. fishbone24

    did my first trip over 8 days with ted, and learned more from him about life and LR fishing then i did in 15 yrs of post graduate education. there wasnt a more cheerful spirit to share a meal with or time at the rail. im blessed to have known him and spent time with him. i only wish i could have spent a few more days at the rail with him, he had so much more to give. ted i will miss you, all my custom rods wrapped the "windham" way will be a constant reminder of you. see you out there buddy
  5. SemperFishing

    Semper Fi, Ted. I wish I could have shared the rail with you.
  6. Holi-e-Mackeral

    Can anyone post some photos of Ted ?
  7. Skipjack69

    Ted (blue shirt) and I with twin 225s on the American Angler.

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  8. chasingtuna


    One more fisherman to remember when I'm pulling on a big one.
  9. FishSupreme

    One of the greatest men I ever met. Miss you already Ted.

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  10. SCHeadhunter

    I met Ted 25 years ago and considered him my older and wiser brother from the get-go. He introduced my wife and I too. We go way back.
    The first multi day trip we did together was a 3 day trip on the 105 back in July 1989. We hammered the 15 lb yellows. On that trip, we decided to go check out an ultra long range 16 day trip. Up until that point, the 3 day was my longest ever.
    Ted, being the fact checker and major planner that he was(CPA/financial planner), recommended the Polaris Supreme and Tommy Rothery. Neither us us had ever fished the boat, but it seemed solid. so we booked it. We fished that trip with 11 passengers total. Ted got a 250 plus. My big fish came in at 199.7 at the dock scale. I am still pissed he got the bigger fish on that trip. It was the trip of a lifetime. We talked about that particular trip up till the very end. What a memory!
    Tommy and Susan Rothery ended up being close personal friends of ours. To think all started with that first long range trip and Ted's careful planning. Looking back, that one 16 day trip has lead to a lifetime of priceless friendships and memories.

    I owe so much to Ted. I loved him and I miss him. My kids grew up knowing him. I could go on and on. He was a man of his word and underneath the tough exterior was a very cool and compassionate man.

    RIP dear friend.

    I will see you again on the other side.

    We will be honoring Ted Windham with a burial at sea on the Polaris Supreme in August. I celebrate his life every day as I go about my life. That's the way Ted Windham wanted it.
  11. charles v. West

    I met Ted 2 years ago on the Q performance 10 day. We made friends easily and was a bright spot in the midst of more than one "THAT GUY". He won the jack pot. Never made mention that he was sick. He invited me on his charter on Polaris supreme the following season but I couldn.t make it. What a great guy for the short time I knew him. I was shocked on the news of his passing. Catchem up Ted!!!
  12. fishbone24

    couple shots of ted, i could be wrong but i think this was him pulling on his personal best a few yrs back on the AA

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