Tuesday 08-07-07

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Schneeeep, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. Schneeeep

    left dock 4am

    Got hooked up with the best kind of bait , . . free bait . . (turned out we knew the captian of the bait boat) 5am

    Saw first swordfish 14 mile bank 6am

    Second one about 6:30

    Fuck no harpoon

    Giant school of bait maybe mile or more wide saw tuna jumpimg going after pin head anchovies about 8 am or so

    no takers only stayed awhile we had a plan and kept heading out

    Plan your fish fish your plan

    a bit choppy on the outside (butterfly) decided to work our way in

    BAM the bait school shows up except this time they were hungry 12Noon

    Pulled ten albacore in the 35lbs range

    Babu'd two but luckily for me it did not shut the bite down

    cut fish in front of CDM 8PM

    back at dock 9PM

    savage 1.jpg fish1.jpg
  2. dougiestyle

    was it ruff?
  3. Schneeeep

    Not too bad
  4. aaronj

    Nice job and thanks for posting.

  5. Swazi

    Whew!...long run from Newport. Great job on the big albies.

    Did Savage thumb the reel?
  7. Babu

    Papa Schneeeeeeeep got to be stoooooooooked.
  8. plattapuss

    Nice to the point report. Thanks
  9. Duramax

    like that mustarch blowing in the wind.
    Nice catch ..............
  10. daniel-neill

    Good Job!
  11. Headshot

    Is that Robert Savage holding that Albie?
    How the hell are ya Bob?
  12. @-EZ

    Well done....Hope to nail them tomorrow. Thanx for the report and pix.
  13. FishAbility

    thx for the post...
  14. Cory Admin

    Babu hookset was alive and well last Friday.