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Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Trip Planning' started by Killer Instinct, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Killer Instinct

    Hey Guys,

    Everyone knows that trolling speed makes a big difference, when looking for jig strikes, I've noticed that different species prefer their lures at different speeds.

    I found that 6 knots best for Albacore and 8 knots best for Yellowfin, I'm not to sure about Marlin speed yet....hopefully I'll get that tuned in soon.

    I wanted to ask those of you that have gone offshore what your most successful trolling speed was for the different species we have.

    And have you noticed that there is a speed difference depending on boat size.


  2. peto

    For wahoo, the faster, the better, but not necesary. A wahoo will wack a ballyhoo trolled at 5kt. the same. The more flash the better though, and speeds up to 10-12kt.

    Blue Marlin. We do the switch. We deploy decoys and teasers at @8-10 kt and wait for the marlin to come up. When the marlin's hot bring the teasers aboard and switch for a rigged bonito, ballyhoo, mullet or live bait.

    For dorado, we find them first and troll rig ballyhoo at 4-6kt.
  3. cksea

    I always troll 7 knots, at that speed I have caught marlin, wahoo, yt,yft, albies, dorado. I dont know what to say.