Trojan 6v vs. Costco 6v Batteries

Discussion in 'Camping & 4x4' started by dru, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. dru

    For my 30' toy hauler. I currently have 2, 6v cheap pieces of shit (came with the trailer).

    Time to buy: I"ve heard great things about Trojan, but has anyone had good experience with Costco 6v batteries? Any other ideas?

    Your help is appreciated!!
  2. YANK N CRANK #2

    We've been having excellent luck with 6 volts from Napa.... Had the trojans, they were ok... These napa brand 6v's made by exide seem to be the ticket.... No experience with the costco batteries...
  3. dru

    Thanks Yank...
  4. reelbadlarry

    Lots of people on the board use them.. no bad experiences that I have heard of...great return policy. I got some and they seem to work as well as the old US Battery 2200s I had.
  5. RASTA

    costco batteries work great!!!!!!!

    I've been told that there are 2 or 3 companies that make most of the batteries . the costco 6v may be trojans, I buy mine at powerton batteies in santa ana. They have the trojans but for a little less I buy the U.S batteries, they will last about 4-5 years if you keep them charged. Best place to buy batteries if you are in the area.
    (Powertron Battery Co. - Santa Ana, CA) Powertron Battery Company Home Page
  7. sharkfish-1

    Trojan and US Battery batteries are the premier batteries made. Costco is a buying group and they buy what they can get the price on. Currently my understanding is that their stuff is comming from JCi made in Mexico. As far as quality I am not sure, but I understand that it is a lower A/H rated battery. Generally you can buy the US line for a little less money than trojan with out giving up on quality. Depending on where you are in the state, take a look at Powerstride Battery web site, they cover almost the entire state of CA.

    damn good pricing, a little higher than i pay wholesale.
  9. outdrlvr

    Just spoke with Powertron and they said battery strength is generally measured in amphours. Costco 6V batteries have roughly 210 amphours each and a typical 12V car battery has roughly 80 amphours each. When 2 batteries are connected in series(pos to neg) like the 6V for RVs the amphours do not double, they stay at 210 amphours. When using 2 of the 12V batteries they are connected in parallel(pos to pos and neg to neg) and the amphours double bringing the total to 160. The two 6V seem only a bit stronger however they will last much, much longer as the 6V pushes the amps at a much slower enduring rate. The two 12V are like a baby rattlesnake ejecting all it's venom/amps without control. Gotta luv that electrical stuff.
  10. drdiesel

    I'm thinking off running 4-6v in a series parralel, lcd and dish reciever tend to pull the whole system down, maybe I should run my gen. more and shut off the inverter, but I like the sound of no gen?
  11. PFflyer

    Costco = Exide.
  12. Luhr'd Away

    Costco worked great on my toy box.
  13. baaadlybent

    I put two Trojan 6Vs in my toybox in fall 2003. To be honest I did not do a good job keeping them charged up between trips. This summer I pulled them out and added them to a solar array in Baja with two new Trojans and they still work great. So that was four years on maybe 6 trips a year without really charging them between trips. I would run the gennie during my trips to top them off. I was happy with them and I'll keep buying them in the future.
  14. Null&Void

    Dru- The Costco batteries work pretty damned good....especially for the $$ They do sell (at least last time I looked) the Trojan batteries at the Morena location, but they were twice the cost.

    I have a pair or the Costco exide that are 3 years old and still work great. They will be replaced shortly with a new set of the Costcos this spring.