Trinidad 16NA

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by 714aheim, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. 714aheim

    Not much to say, but just got this reel. I haven't had a chance to fish it yet but, looks good upon initial inspection. One thing that jumped out at me was the knob, no I don't mean the hideous color, I'm talking about how the knob spins better than the freespool on a lot of reels I've had. I know that has nothing to do with performance but if they put the care into the rest of the reel as they put into just the handle it should be ok. I also like how it is smaller than the last 16N, easier to palm. Also grease in all the right spots, which for the price it should. Anyway, what do yall think? IMG00052-20100924-1957.jpg

    I need a size comparison... trying to decide if I'm going to buy the 16 or 20...could you post some pics of it, maybe on the rod while you're holding it or next to some other reel??
  3. jiggyn

    I am thinking of getting the 10 16N but the price is up there, close to my accurates
  4. djd35de

    From what i understand, the spool size is the same as the older trinidads.
    Its the side plates that are way thinner and lighter yet stronger also.
    Spool is 20% lighter then before. Should be a Great reel. But Dam they're proud of them. 500.00 bucks ouch!

    But hell we only live once.
  5. jiggyn

    whatever happened to their talica they seem so stocked on those too
  6. djd35de

    Talicas are great reels but i think they're better for bait fishing.

    Trinidad better for chucking Iron etc... but still fine for bait also.

  7. whammy

    the talica and the trinidad have 2 different applications, star drag vs lever drag. talicas a great offshore 2 speed tuna reel while a trini is good for jig and local fishing
  8. apcrew45

    Trini 16N or NA to the brim with 60lb spectra to 40lb fluro on a 909h. This is the best kelp cutter rig out there right now. Great for seabass and yellows.
  9. Drew C

    Nice looking reel
  10. hdz805

    They do look small, but f#%^*%# sick!!! Does any one have a picture of a 12A to compar it too? I want to get one but haven't seen them in person yet. Pic maybe of it next to another would be great..